Psychology of marriage 8 men you don’t touch the Bane (Figure)-utc行家

Psychology of marriage: 8 death man you don’t blind touch (Figure 8) you don’t touch the blind man’s death in 1, do not often go to tempt men, not to break up as a threat, when you always give him this psychological hint, his subconscious mind will do a good job in breaking up. Temptation is not trust, distrust is also more threatening to break up, but let the man suspected of your love for him. When a man really say yes when you are not All is lost.. 2, not because the man loves you unlimited expansion of their rights, not to interfere with his ideals, beliefs and pursuits, do not think you see farther than the man, he must have some traits are what you don’t understand. Sometimes love is the essence of the transaction, a man with his love to exchange your love, but not to make you become aggravated. If you mistakenly believe that man’s retreat is on your fear, you feel not far away from the dead. 3, do not be late for a long time, do not think that a man loves you, he should have unlimited patience, a person’s patience is limited, the patient died, on the killing of love. There’s a saying: don’t wait for a man to lose his temper. There is a saying: China is not short of women. So don’t let the man wait too long. 4, don’t believe the words "I love you, you should know what I think it is nonsense, no one will know exactly what you want to. It is foolish to conclude that men do not love you because men do not know what you think. This is the first sentence from where I forget, but in Korean dramas and romance novels often see. You’re not a woman in the story, are you?! Also, I’m not the man in the story. So I don’t understand the power of your heart. 5, not because he is the closest person to you, you can tell him everything, give him your misery, pain, grievances and complaints, he will do an outlet, man is not a waste station, when he confirmed that he can’t change you, he will have to flee. Occasionally tell your misfortune, will get the inner vent will get the sympathy of the man. But as always melancholy and moody not necessarily happen to worry and sadness will make men very disgusted. A partner who often smiles and a partner who has a bad face, which one will you choose? 6, do not try to change a man, do not think he will be in your training to become your ideal man, to adapt to him than to change his wise. If you love to eat apples, go to an apple, so why do you want to force a pear into apple. He is also hard, you eat hard. 7, don’t be too confident of their own charm, few men will permanently bear few men can promise and then deny in succession, called to play, unless, that men do not love you with motivation. This is very dangerous, men do not like to do essentially, unless he wronged himself to please you. If you cheat him, you should pay attention to the sulfuric acid in his cup. 8, do not seize a man’s mistake, and in every quarrel when the chatter of reference, there is no such a man like a woman. A man makes a mistake and changes it in other ways.相关的主题文章: