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Photo "corporal punishment" misunderstanding blocked WeChat group – home teacher Beijing because yiyanbuge, said the boat turned over the friendship. Now, the parents of a primary school in Yuzhong district also encountered a similar thing — yiyanbuge, PTA WeChat group is the teacher "ban", just scattered. Enthusiastic parents built a circle of friends sun baby "the age of the Internet, many parents of school-age children have joined the school’s social circle, QQ class group, WeChat has built a circle of friends, school teachers, parents also have built. Yuzhong District, a primary school student parents Ms. Wang is very enthusiastic about this, plus a lot of parents in the class WeChat friends, set up a class of WeChat group. Ms. Wang said, she is a member of the PTA, the class is also the WeChat group administrator, in addition to the parents, she also invited to join the teacher. Last semester, the WeChat group built up, parents all the sun baby, show the homework, intense discussion education hot, speakers have emotional "loud", also not humorous joke". Tucao teacher "corporal punishment" by "ban" of the new semester, Ms. Wang morosely told the Chongqing morning news reporter, a group of parents, so popular bursting yiyanbuge, just scattered. One day, Ms. Wang to send their children to school, to see the children in the replacement of a seat, standing in the classroom, like Meng Da, and filmed using a mobile phone to the group, immediately attracted onlookers. Some parents see the teacher in the corporal punishment of students. Another time, the teacher will not complete the work of the children stand up photo exposure, hoping to arouse the attention of parents. I did not expect this photo to poke the hornet’s nest, the teacher has been complaints of corporal punishment of students. Then, the teacher of PTA WeChat group under the "ban". Ms. Wang learned that a misunderstanding of the parents of teachers, to the school made a small report, so the dissolution of the old group, to avoid the parents to build a new group. Did not think the parents are also added in, the teacher again "ban", now WeChat group home apart. In this regard, Ms. Wang is very distressed. In the investigation of class seven sins with the use of WeChat group WeChat is more and more widely, "parents WeChat group" has gradually become the platform for the exchange of each class. Teachers through it to inform the children in school, issued a notice; parents to master the first-hand information on education, communication with teachers. But the new semester, many teachers and parents are in this tucao. They all changed the taste of the WeChat group, the seven deadly sins. Excessive enthusiasm: South Bank district, a primary school teacher in charge of the class had also considered the closure of WeChat group, the reason, she said that the parents are too enthusiastic, this passion has become a burden. The class is the link group had been linked to home school, some families not only mom and Dad, grandma and grandpa are added, if a class of 40 students, an average student with 3 parents in the group, more than 100 people in a large organization. Please refresh: the teacher said, she said a word in the group, even the school normal, there will be a big reversal of parents rush said: thank the teacher! Teacher you have worked hard!…… All the time, mobile phone drops out loud. For ye相关的主题文章: