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Li Rizhan Guangzhou first autograph on emotional display along warm male nature, Li Zhan Guangzhou entertainment Sohu signed the first Sohu entertainment news recently, the new generation of pop singer Li Rizhan and the first personal music album "fantasy Knight" came to Guangzhou, held a life first autograph session. James site not only for everyone to bring the upcoming new, more intimate photo interaction with the fans, everyone playing awfully. For a long time after the return to Guangzhou "home" feeling at ease with according to James himself revealed that he had lived in Guangzhou for 7 years, back here again now, there is a feeling of home. The day of the event, fans chanted "music arena, explosion scene burning an old Chinese practice" slogan, let James enters harvest all fiery passion. He lamented that life will be able to arrange the first sign to sing in Guangzhou, really makes him feel familiar and practical, a sense of security. The impact of various factors to James can not stop the excitement, before a awake all night, the host is funny opened a joke: "may the fans fans than you are excited, last month can’t sleep!" When talking about the impression of Guangzhou, he joked: "the west gate pig’s trotters still makes him fresh powder. People have become more beautiful, and everyone is very high." Senior fans intimate care support and accompany the fans of Thanksgiving there is a scene from afar from Qingyuan, as early as 2011 began to pay attention to dynamic James, and to the men of God and true face to face interaction, already excited indescribable. James always know the fans know her sister, specially came also very moved today, part of the game special "hand picked" she came to power with the game. When the autograph session, fans around the photo on their heart surging James, and even many sister playing fancy self, host exclaimed: "" this film may be photographed next year!" While James in the face of the enthusiasm of the fans, is also very patient and polite with them, when the signature also from time to time to talk with you. Talk about his warm male nature on along journey to dream concert on the link, James not only bring you the "fantasy", "irony" two song album title song, also sang a new song "soul" in return home. And sing "irony" when James also expressed their own experience: "for his pro people, because we often get angry and say irony, for example, you go, I do not love you, and so on, the words are very hurt, so our future or opinions." A remark, but a girl heart Su field. Talk about music, James play twelve serious spirit: "I am a private, a powerful and unconstrained style people, love to the east to the west. Everyone will have a kind of fantasy, in fact, the social pressure is relatively large, may encounter setbacks, depression, if the illusion of their future will be successful, it will work in this direction." Janja said that his childhood had a music dream, childhood days always had a variety of home appliances as a microphone to imitate the most popular singer. Although the University chose journalism for many reasons, he never forgot his dream相关的主题文章: