The man fled 13 years after the murder postmortem wells do not speak the native dialect-下北glory days

The man fled 13 years after the murder postmortem wells do not speak the native dialect original title: Liuyang man after murdering abscond 13 years could not speak the native dialect of Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Shixian reported Changsha "I left my back, La kidos metante." And Jiang Xinping of Liuyang (the parties are a pseudonym) 13 years to escape again, face the vicissitudes of life, the accent has been changed. August 2003, Jiang Xinping quarrel with his wife, the wife will be killed in the dispute, and then embarked on the road to escape. He went to work in Shanghai, did not dare to go out, afraid to go home, afraid to hear sirens, dare not to use the identity card. 13 years later, he finally could not endure suffering, choose to surrender, at this time, he will not say Liuyang. Sitting on the bus began to escape life in August 23, 2003, Jiang Xinping is just an ordinary farmer Liuyang Jingang town. Li Aili and his wife had some tension, often quarrel. The incident that day, 4 year old daughter was injured by a motorcycle, Jiang Xinping took her to the hospital, her daughter said to her mother, he dialed Li Aili phone. But Li Aili has not answered, Jiang Xinping some anger. Evening phone finally opened, daughter asleep, husband and wife two people dispute scuffle, rage Xiajiang Xin Ping Li Aili’s neck tightly grabbed Li Aili, struggling after a few broken gas. Jiang Xinping was afraid, his wife thrown in the home next to an abandoned well. On the second day, he got on a bus and began his escape. He first came to Guangzhou to find a brother, brother advised him to leave, he came to Shanghai. As a result of the concealment of identity, Jiang Xinping can not use ID card, can only pick up garbage outside, and later he picked up an identity card to the site to apply for an ordinary worker. Since then, he has been working with a team of Chongqing engineering. Working on the site, usually stay in the dormitory. He has no other friends but the workers. Jiang Xinping never trouble, sometimes by the boss deduction of wages, he did not dare to revolt. The fugitive for 13 years, he has been timid to live. The face of police misses her daughter in the first half of this year, he accidentally learned that his brother had initially fled for 2011, seized by police on suspicion of harboring a fugitive, which makes him uneasy. November 3rd, the river was finally unable to bear, decided to surrender. He was in the local police station in Shanghai, the thing that never dared to tell people about it. "I just want to sleep in a detention center." Jiang Xinping was escorted back to Liuyang, the police said, because the perennial and Chongqing workers to stay together, he has forgotten how to speak the Liuyang dialect. Police found that the mobile phone has been broken down to the river can not be used, the address book is only a phone call, the number of a loved one is not. After Jiang Xinping returned to Liuyang, the police arranged for him to see the daughter of 13 years and no meeting, the two people do not know what to say, holding together crying. Surrender, his most valuable possessions is a cheap watch, Jiang Xinping with the police, will watch to their daughter, this is his father only to daughter. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: