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The Commission staff to check public funds ran into a middle school teacher – Sohu news "small bin, take the camera at once, someone reported a unit of public officials Gongjusiyong, public funds……" One day a few days ago, when approaching work, deputy secretary of the party and government work in charge of emergency layout of a task. I immediately took a work permit, take good camera and other items and colleagues drove to the hotel. Get off, we took a quick look at the car parked at the entrance of the hotel evidence, then went straight to the hotel two floor. In the hotel staff to produce a work permit and explained what he wanted, we will verify the box door one by one. For a series of 5 boxes, did not find the public officials said informants. There’s only one last guest room. After knocking on the door, we rushed into the box. There are 8 people in the room, including 3 children, they appear to have ended the dinner, is chatting laughing and talking. We then show the certificates, explained what he wanted: "we are the County Commission for discipline inspection staff, are reported here are people Gongjusiyong, public funds, please cooperate with the investigation." In the face of our group of each other a little bit surprised, casual visitor, the house suddenly in perfect silence. "Small bin, how are you? Is not a misunderstanding, we are small students." Follow the voice looked, my heart sank: the speaker is not actually met his 10 years of middle school teacher guo. When junior high school, Guo teacher told me the utmost care, but also often taught me to study hard, grow up to be a useful person to society, I have been very grateful to him. But what should I do if he really takes part in public funds today? The idea of hesitation is just a flash, I hesitated for a moment, and then said: Guo teacher you are here, ah, we received a report from the masses, please cooperate with the investigation." I probably didn’t think a little sensibilities are not speaking, Guo face flashed an awkward. But he is still the teacher I respect. "Well, Xiaobin, we cooperate with the investigation organization. It is our duty to supervise the masses, but we do not eat or drink." After the transfer of the meal list and invoice records, for a total of 600 yuan, invoice for liu. In order to restore the truth, but also to participate in the meal were recorded to see if it is true." Colleagues remind road. Guo and his classmates are very cooperative, one by one to make a conversation transcript. "The teacher, the student has many sins today. But this is my duty, please understand." "Small bin, you do right. If you meet an acquaintance about protecting and favoritism, I would have criticized you." And then, Guo teacher’s words or so sincere words and earnest wishes. After a detailed investigation, we understand the sequence of events. Originally, Mr. Guo a few years ago from the school through the examination of transferring to a agatanoatae units, his classmate Chen to work in Shenzhen, while the annual leave to the lotus home and reunion. The dinner is hosted by the teacher Liu classmate liu. After verification, Liu is an individual industrial and commercial households. We take pictures of the vehicle were compared on the bus in the library, check for Chen Guangdong B driving license is the private car.相关的主题文章: