The Syrian military has made progress in Aleppo captured the stronghold of militants-小坂めぐる

The Syrian military has made progress in Aleppo militants captured the stronghold map: Syria government forces to celebrate victory in battle in Beijing. In October 7, comprehensive news: the government of Syria in 6, continue to make progress in the Syrian military in the northern city of Aleppo, captured an important stronghold. Syria’s president said on the same day, the Syrian military offensive in Aleppo will continue. Syria’s official news agency quoted the Syrian military statement said the Syrian army on the day of the militants stronghold on the Busitanbasha area of Aleppo city launched a raid related control area. Government forces also killed a group of militants. According to the Syria based human rights watch in London, said that this is the first time in 2013, since Bbu Stan Basha was controlled by the armed forces, the Syrian army in the region to make military progress. Syrian military announced earlier to reduce air strikes in Aleppo to improve the local humanitarian situation. But the Syrian military warned that militants supply line has been cut off, government forces also holds the exact position of militant stronghold and ammunition, militants if not surrender will be dead". Bashar, President of Syria, ·, said in an interview with foreign media, the Syrian military offensive in Aleppo will continue until the withdrawal of militants from the region. Bashar ·, said the militants in the city of Aleppo, as long as they put down their weapons, you can withdraw from the city with their families. He reiterated that the government forces not only to recover Aleppo, but also to recover all land in Syria. Bashar · criticism of the United States will not fulfill the agreement that Russia Syria Assad also interview. He said the United States has always been able to separate the moderate opposition and terrorists in Syria. In the past few days, Aleppo fierce war. Secretary General of the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Demis Tuula 6, said the situation in Aleppo has been very urgent. To avoid more civilian casualties, he called on militants in eastern Aleppo to evacuate. He also criticized Russia suspended in order to maintain the ceasefire agreement in Syria to conduct bilateral negotiations decision "a serious setback". (end)相关的主题文章: