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Poll: Park support rate fell below 20% for the first time since taking office – Sohu news picture: South Korean President Pu Jinhui. China News Agency reporter Diao Haiyang photo Beijing, October 27,   according to South Korean media reports, South Korea polling agency Realmeter released data show that in the 26 day investigation in the park’s support rate is 17.5%, below 20% for the first time since she took office. According to reports, from October 24th to 26, Realmeter conducted a survey of 1528 adults, respondents support for the Pu Jinhui administration was 21.2%, compared with the previous week fell by 7.3 percentage points. 73.1% of respondents to the negative evaluation of Park Geun hye governance situation, compared with the previous week rose 8.6 percentage points, 70% mark for the first time. Realmeter explained that park Geun hye’s approval ratings have hit a new low in almost all regions, ages and progressives and conservatives. Especially Park solid backing — 60 years old, conservative, Daegu and Gyeongbuk, Busan and Gyeongnam, the new world party supporters in the park policy turned from support to many who oppose. In addition, South Korea’s ruling new world party support rate was 26.5%, down by 3.1 percentage points compared with the previous week. The largest opposition party, the Democratic Party to support rate of 30.5%, up 1.3 percentage points, against the new world party. Opposition party’s National Party’s support rate was 14.4%, up by 1.4 percentage points. Recently, Pu Jinhui, Cui Shunshi cronies involved in corruption and backroom politics doubts continued to ferment in South korea. South Korea’s JTBC television reported that Cui Shunshi unauthorized review of the president’s speech. In this regard, park Geun hye 25 to apologize to the people. Park Geun hye is responsible for the incident to the question, 42.3% of respondents said "blame resignation or impeachment", followed by "Chong Wa Dae and the cabinet reshuffle, Pu Jinhui quit the party" and "on the national apology".相关的主题文章: