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Lee Hom and Tang Wei around 10 years: when the mother you gave me most applause – Beijing, Lee Hom micro-blog. In new network on 29 August, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud news, the first movie actress Tang Wei will play Ang Lee’s "lust, caution", fame, won the Golden Horse Award for Best Newcomer Award, because after the shooting of "late autumn", and South Korean director Jin Taiyong in 2014, entered the marriage hall, the day before yesterday issued a document that has safely gave birth to her daughter. A message, Lee Hom also worked with her many times in micro-blog congratulations, "today you mother, is what I applaud the role!" "From the students to the hacker cousins, these ten years is proud to see the new film you, you, and you in every kind of middle course." Count Lee Hom over the past 10 years have little drops, "this is your best today. Today my mother you makes me cheer role!" The conversation can see his congratulations and delight. Tang Wei Tang Wei for his starring role in the film "late autumn" and meet with South Korean director Jin Taiyong, 2 people in Sweden in July 2014 held a couple’s wedding, and in the next month in Hongkong officially married. The day before yesterday (27 days), her character in the private circle of friends issued yesterday in Hongkong, revealed his birth, peace gave birth to 3.41 kg baby daughter, "very healthy, because she is the first loud cry." And thanks to her parents at the end of the paper, and the husband Jin Taiyong, attracted many fans offer congratulation message.相关的主题文章: