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Guangxi mental hospital accused of taking the NCMS Sohu news CNR net Hepu on September 9th news (reporter Wang Yiqun) according to the China voice of "news" reported that the Guangxi Beihai city psychiatric hospital of Hepu recently involved in the whirlpool of public opinion, the patient’s family members questioned the hospital in case of illegal handling of import of counterfeit, repeated examination then taking the new rural cooperative medical reimbursement of the suspects, pose a risk to the patient, but also increases the cost of treatment, the hospital whether there is the use of repeated handling access procedures to obtain Hospital of new rural cooperative funds, local authorities and how to respond? Guangxi Hepu Zhou Binmou speech due to abnormal behavior, from 2013 to 2015 hospitalized in Hepu mental hospital, Binmou week mother Ms. Au said, they found that their children were being handled within two years of admission procedures 13 times, while they are totally unaware of, "I was really surprised". Zhou Binmou’s mother, Ms. Ou said, in addition to the first and last hospital discharge, signed all the information on the Ou Xiulong sign she were unaware, she said, every time I go to the hospital to visit his son, no one told his son need to go through the discharge formalities or need to sign her. Ms. Ou said that his name has also been signed into the Zhou Xiulong, these family signatures are actually all inside the hospital, they signed their own". Nearly two years in the hospital, Ms. Europe once did not have been discharged. Zhou Binmou’s brother Zhou Xiaofeng told reporters that he thought the hospital suspected of using repeated admission examination to obtain more NCMS reimbursement models, and also increased the burden of the family, every time to re check, "tens of thousands, we are low". Some media reports said that in 2014 alone, there are at least 40 patients suspected to be repeated for admission procedures, and in the first seven months of 2015, suspected of at least 33 people. Beihai city psychiatric hospital of Hepu and Hepu County of new rural cooperative medical management center was sent to reporters the text description of the situation, for repeatedly out of the hospital, the hospital explained that the Hepu NCMS management center to take the stage of the patients were closing in hospital for a long time. Because the hospital medical management system cannot identify the stage the checkout of difference and out of the hospital, but directly follow the NCMS management system for the hospital treatment, and to communicate with patients in the family daily, often expressed as habitual checkout stage of admission, which led to the families of patients out of the hospital has repeatedly apply for misunderstanding. In addition, the hospital said, because of the long-term medication of psychiatric patients, side effects, so we must regularly carry out the inspection, the patient during hospitalization, repeated examination in some subjects is for the need of clinical treatment, is responsible for the health of the patient, not the so-called income. The new rural cooperative medical center also said that the hospital does not have to go through the phased checkout of the hospital may be able to cheat NCMS reimbursement, there is no operating space. For suspected counterfeit signature family members questioned, said the hospital does not exclude individual staff can not get through on the phone case, for fear of trouble without recurring call and patient family communication is not in place, but for this argument Zhou Binmou’s brother Zhou Xiaofeng do not agree.相关的主题文章: