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JINGWAH times: "Super Girls" is no longer close to heat, consumption of star – View – people.com.cn to replace the original title: "Super Girls" is no longer the final heat consumption star close to replace the 2016 "Super Girls" to come, in a few years ago, before the program is final, absolute entertainment network hot topics list first, a lot of media reports, many commuters hurried home after work to social watch, mobile phone fans fanatical vote, Supergirl meaning is up to a very high altitude…… Everything in a trance like yesterday. This year’s "Super Girls" was silent, social media for music competition enthusiasm also dropped to freezing point, before a match fragment is forwarded tens of thousands of times scene no longer exists. To some extent, this can not blame the "Super Girls" program itself, they still show seriously. Only the current ecological entertainment and variety forms are changed. In 2004, "Super Girls" was born, for the domestic audience, the show of extraordinary significance, it is absolutely spectacular as a surge of debris flow, the influence of the mainland Hong Kong Arts over the years scour aside. The first session of the "Super Girls" Declaration of the domestic variety new era, it is coerced to an unstoppable spirit, as well the domestic variety of strong wind blowing. The unique promotion mode, willful guest comments, universal interactive open, let the "Super Girls" carrying a lot of entertainment place. From the beginning of the third session of the "Super Girls", there are signs of decline. This is also a nightmare for other musical draft – the later music draft, rarely held to the third can also win a high degree of concern. For some reason as everyone knows, for example, renamed the "happy girl", such as some negative speculation rumors, and all these are in the termination of the storm, the loss of "Super Girls" brand brightness. Plus later many imitators, once the country more than and 10 TV music talent show broadcast at the same time, a noisy, "happy girl" also gradually obliterate. Many TV rush to do music talent, continue to overdraw the audience for the guest star consumer enthusiasm, all over the country have musical talent of the players were divided by Taiwan, it is very difficult to like the second session of the "Super Girls" as a contribution of Li Yuchun, Jane Zhang and Zhou Bichang three high-quality idol show. 2016 "Super Girls" has not caused widespread concern, a big reason is the lack of real strength of the players, this is a talent not covered by age, really good players, do not do too much publicity, will naturally be concerned netizens. The current entertainment ecology, a bit baffling. Exactly, when compared to the 2006 super girl, is not so pure. In 2006, it turned out to be the ideal time for the domestic variety, although at that time, it was also chaotic. Now the entertainment ecology, I am afraid that there is no confusion, the rest is anxiety, impetuous, and heavy taste. The focus of the entire entertainment industry, the transfer of the film, the release of the audience’s entertainment needs. The small meat for entertainment and entertainment) in the core.相关的主题文章: