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10 Department: ensure students daily physical activity time not less than 1 hours – Beijing map Zhongxin photo Beijing, November 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) the day before, the State Planning Commission, the Ministry of education and other 10 departments jointly issued "on the strengthening of health promotion and education guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). Document clearly, to actively promote the national fitness, to 2020, to participate in regular physical exercise number reached 435 million, to ensure that students daily physical activity time not less than 1 hours, the other major chronic disease and premature mortality is lower than in 2015 10%. To reduce the major chronic disease of premature mortality "guidance" to the main goals, to 2020, healthy lifestyle and behavior of the basic popularization, and to achieve full coverage of the poor areas, the masses of the people to maintain and promote their health consciousness and ability has greatly improved, the national health literacy level of residents reached 20%, a major chronic disease early mortality was 10% lower than in 2015, reduce the incidence of disability and disability. In addition, the "guidance" also suggested that the health promotion and education work to further improve the system, "the strategy of effective health into all policies, health promotion county (District), schools, institutions, enterprises, hospitals and health family construction has made remarkable achievements, the main influence on the health risk factors have been effectively controlled, the initial formation of healthy living environment, promote the implementation of the" 13th Five-Year "health and health planning objectives, to improve people’s health and welfare. To ensure that students in the school physical activity time of not less than 1 hours a day, the guidance proposed to actively promote the national fitness, to 2020, the number of regular physical exercise to reach the number of 435 million. To improve the public service system of national fitness, and strengthen the construction of national fitness public facilities, fitness trail, fitness center, sports park and other facilities. The implementation of public sports facilities free or low-cost open, to ensure that public sports venues and facilities in line with the conditions of the opening of the sports facilities open to the community. In addition, the guidance proposed to strengthen the construction of smoke-free organs, improve the organs and enterprises and institutions of health and physical exercise facilities, the implementation of inter room fitness system, advocating fitness 1 hours a day. Hold health knowledge lectures, to carry out fitness and competition activities in line with the characteristics of the unit, regularly organize staff physical examination. At the same time to strengthen the work of production safety, occupation disease harm to promote the source of governance, establish and improve production safety, occupation disease prevention policies, strengthen production safety and occupation health system, and urge enterprises to improve the production safety and occupation disease prevention system, provide labor protection measures necessary for the workers, the prevention and control of occupation and occupation disease harm. The school health promotion and education, "guidance" proposed, to improve the school health environment, strengthen tobacco control publicity and create a smoke-free environment, do the work of students in the prevention and control of common diseases. At the same time to ensure the safety of food and feed for students, the implementation of poverty reduction in rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement program. Development of students’ physical fitness monitoring. )相关的主题文章: