Zhi hit Liu Xueyi Qingyun captive framed surprised feather end blackening-dnf商人吧

"Zhi" hit Liu Xueyi Qingyun captive framed surprised feather end blackening > > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent Qingyun Zhi" entertainment news "large costume fantasy drama Qingyun Zhi" in the network platform has entered the middle period of broadcast, the story context gradually clear, rhythm more compact, characters further intensification of contradictions, aspect a lot of. Recently updated episode, Liu Xueyi’s big brother Xiao Yicai captive framed Lin Jingyu, Liu Xueyi Shaw Brothers will describe the very profound inner torment, eyes revealed the same apology and determined the absolutely ruthless, the wonderful interpretation of the audience sigh. With the further development of the plot, unusual Shaw Brothers in Dinghai village that surprised feather doubt, in order to eliminate the potential danger, he made the decision of the cruel beast, accompanied by little brother. The surface is concerned with the warm heart of the big brother, was surprised feather boiled Qi Decoction, while adding animal blood of God in their medicine, drink to lure surprised feather. Then in front of the head carefully "expose" surprised feather crimes, and by the dragon scale catalytic body surprised feather beast God’s blood, and for its healing hypocrisy is actually for the beast fueled surprised feather, very calm will send on the prison gate junior. It is worth mentioning that Liu Xueyi is precisely because of this approximation split acting, the audience did not make Xiao brother black hate, but earn more. What users have been found Xiao brother is evil, the past few days it will be gradually revealed his magic, for self framed Lin Jingyu drank the blood of god beast, he also officially opened the role will subtly malicious model, a step by step how black down, Liu Xueyi will bring "split" how the audience and become a hot topic. "Qingyun Zhi" to every Sunday to Tuesday at 22 PM in Hunan satellite TV two free, see three day war burning Qingyun; video Tencent, mango TV every Monday to Thursday at 20 p.m. a continuously updated set, four sets even, but also the audience address him enjoyable.相关的主题文章: