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"Donnie Yen asked:" in the essence of the martial arts series exploring Sina entertainment "asked Donnie Yen in the column of boiled" Friendship Art   what is the real martial arts? Since the problem of martial arts self, haunted me. All of the existing misunderstanding of Kung Fu, due to the ingrained martial arts novel, like Jin Yong’s martial arts figures, each one by one are described with the abstract "hundreds of poems, will portray the romantic artistic world of Kung fu.   in fact, the best way to understand the true meaning of Kung Fu, I personally think that is a set of Bruce Lee’s Jeet kune do theory, the law is not to, any rule is not restricted.   new martial arts youth was a "Wu Chi", actively seeking the true meaning of martial arts, one is to enhance their level, then to the Beijing wushu team training, but later found that wushu team of superhuman jumping and speed, in fact, are nothing more than a gymnastics training, but also in these countries. The provincial wushu team, all transition to the new martial arts moves, the game carefully choreographed routines, to show the nature of the majority, but little benefit for actual combat.   Wushu Team performing forms of the game, like a lot of kung fu movies are full of Peking Opera in terms: shadow, bow, off, turn the waist, not by the Peking Opera and some movements and rhythm more like stage debut, not real kung fu. Figure: "America will fuse MMA introduced to the Hongkong audience, can stimulate the chuguan outside, also hope that my awareness of the martial arts performance in the movie.   in fact, the martial arts is the quintessence of culture and sports, meaning that in the fight, not the default fixed solution to cope with the opponent, and spot real time response, direct play by instinct. He argues that the combatants should not be bound by any form, nor will they be fixed by a particular form or method for your faction. The traditional martial arts, blindly follow the so-called "master teach", one by one is complete with every rhythm, the contrary. Figure: Bruce Lee and Wu Kung Fu theory is admirable, I have always regarded as idol reasons. This year, I fell in love with the popular MMA (mixed martial arts or mixed martial arts, martial arts) found the theory of the same essence and put forward by Bruce Lee. The gladiators trapped play in a cage free, with any arbitrary moves, including wrestling, Judo, karate, Muay Thai, Chinese Kung Fu, even in any way, can beat up after reading, also imperceptibly fascinated.   Datong abandoned school martial arts, martial arts, and set various factions of the great, with a broad mind to accommodate all practical attack technology, MMA did not Bruce Lee’s Jeet kune do theory? As a martial artist, he is half a century ahead of the average person, has understood the true meaning of martial arts.   because of the MMA complex, I take "wick", then the whole design style by the action of MMA, and hope that through the film to convey my perception of martial arts, let the audience feel good. And because it’s too much to be true to MMA相关的主题文章: