Obama and ASEAN to discuss the South China Sea by thousands of people containment, American media ca-音羽かなで

Obama and ASEAN to discuss the South China Sea were thousands of people surrounding the U.S. media said the original title: Obama dictatorship and ASEAN by thousands of people to discuss the South China Sea to contain data behind Chinese [] "Okun in the global military reports said that, Obama Si and Southeast Asian leaders to hold two days of meetings in California. The South China Sea issue is the most important part of the agenda". "Voice of America" 16 wrote this. The meeting was officially opened on the afternoon of 15 local time. Obama said the main goal of the conference in his speech: "at this summit, we can promote our common vision of a regional order, namely the international rules and norms, including freedom of navigation are observed, and through peaceful and legal way to resolve the dispute". The Associated Press said, "the purpose of the United States is to increase the pressure on China’s behavior in the disputed waters of the South China sea". Agence France-Presse also said that China is the superpower of the United States, competitors and partners at some time, and China related topics will run through the summit. Obama will work hard with ASEAN leaders to reach a consensus on how to deal with complex disputes over the South China Sea sovereignty. There’s a lot of controversy about Obama’s move in the United states. In order to gain strategic influence in the backyard of China, Obama ignored the deterioration of human rights and democracy in the ASEAN countries. The Washington Post criticized Obama for turning the meeting into a military parade for the dictator". Outside the venue, thousands of protesters marched. "Voice of America" says the protest scene is "banner for ASEAN and China to solve the South China Sea issue". The protesters said, "partly because China and ASEAN have already signed the declaration of conduct in the South China Sea, and the United States has no need for free navigation. This will only exacerbate the militarization of the South China sea." The protesters also believe that it is difficult for the United States to hope that ASEAN countries will adopt a coherent stance on the South China Sea issue, because ASEAN countries are wise, and they do not want to make their relations with China stiff. [global times in the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, reporter Liao Zhengjun Li Zhen Aoki Global Times reporter Guo Tao short housing Yuandan Ni Hao] editor: Ni Zijian

奥巴马与东盟商讨南海遭千人围堵 美媒称其独裁   原标题:奥巴马与东盟商讨南海遭围堵 上千人力挺中国 资料图   【环球军事报道】“在奥肯说这番话时,奥巴马正和东南亚国家领导人在加利福尼亚州举行为期两天的会议。南海问题是会议议事日程的重中之重”。“美国之音”16日这样写道。这次会议于当地时间15日下午正式开幕。奥巴马在致辞中谈到了这次会议的主要目标:“在这个峰会上,我们可以推动我们对一个区域秩序的共同愿景,即国际规则和规范,包括航行自由得到遵守,以及通过和平和法律的途径来解决争端”。   美联社称,“美国的目的是针对中国在南海争议水域的行为加大对华施压力度”。法新社也称,中国是美国的超级大国竞争对手和某些时候的合作伙伴,与中国相关的话题将贯穿峰会始终。奥巴马在会上将努力与东盟领导人达成如何应对复杂南海主权纠纷的共识。   对于奥巴马此举,美国国内有很大争议。美国《时代》周刊称,为了在中国“后院”赢得战略影响力,奥巴马不惜忽视东盟国家内部恶化的人权和民主问题。《华盛顿邮报》批评奥巴马把此次会议变成“独裁者阅兵式”。在会场外,上千名抗议者举行示威游行。“美国之音”称,抗议现场打着“让东盟和中国自己解决南海问题”的横幅。抗议者称,“部分原因是中国和东盟早就签署了《南海各方行为宣言》,美国没有必要展开航行自由行动。这只会进一步加剧南海地区的军事化。”抗议者还认为,美国希望东盟国家在南海问题上采取一致立场的目的很难达到,因为东盟国家很明智,他们不希望搞僵他们与中国的关系。   【环球时报驻美国、日本、德国、加拿大记者 廖政军 李珍 青木 陶短房 环球时报记者 郭媛丹 倪浩】 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: