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Shanxi the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty collapsed near the gate has been pulled rope – Sichuan channel — original title: Shanxi the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty gate near collapse has pulled rope according to Chinese the voice of "news" reported yesterday (6) reported was called the most beautiful Shanxi Guangwu landmark of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty "the moon suddenly collapsed, triggered a heated debate. At the same time, tourists and photographers have come to the collapse of the ruins of the expression of emotion, the ruins of the "Moon" has pulled the rope around. The so-called "Moon" is actually the remnants of a the Great Wall tower, due to various difficulties and hardships of erosion, there is only one arch form, so was the local people and travel enthusiasts called "moon". Are you going to do next has become the ruins of the moon? What kind of action should we take to protect the the Great Wall heritage? The early autumn, the mountains in the Shanxi Shuozhou Hou Ling Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall where is the autumn yellow grass, leaves Xiao Xiao. Yesterday, this morning, it was cloudy, and in the afternoon it was a continuous fall of autumn rain, Xiao Xiao. Hirotake Aki learned that the iconic the Great Wall landscape "Moon" after the collapse, many tourists, photographers, cultural workers specially came to visit the ruins of the moon. "Today, when I see these, my heart is very regrettable and heartache." "I am seven points to the morning, a lot of photography circle of friends are up, the situation at any time may also continue to collapse, after all, exposed to the weather, where hundreds of years." "The form of disappearance feels solemn and solemn, and there is one form of sadness, in this autumn rain." Ms. Tang is moon regulars, has just been to the afternoon of October 2nd, plan to go there to take pictures. She said, "I still want to take the evening dress to go there to take two pictures, because the old city brick and evening dress should be a comparative tide. It turned out, and I felt very sad, just as I was injured. " Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall was built in the early Ming Dynasty, is one of the most ingenious design and construction in Shanxi is the most delicate, the most complete extant brick package to the Great Wall, China is the Great Wall’s long, authentic ancient the Great Wall, the study of history, culture and military value is very high. Known as the most beautiful landscape of the moon hirotake the Great Wall was originally a watchtowers, more than and 500 years of erosion of the watchtowers various difficulties and hardships, only an arched shape, stood high on the ridge, and around the the Great Wall wall together, constitute a wide iconic the Great Wall landscape, known as the local people and the moon travel enthusiasts. When the sunset, the sun hit the copper fort, a fortress with desolate vigorous beauty. In Shuozhou many people’s eyes, has a special significance: the moon emotion also hopes to many people’s feelings. Visitors Ms. Tang said: "whether the wall or people who have the story of who, standing there alone, and I want to look at it, and talk to him." Bruce Lee, a photographer, said, "as a photographer, it was very shocking when it was taken. It is proud that Shuozhou has such a landmark. But when he really becomes history, if we want to show others his original appearance, we can only restore it with images. " The evening of October 3rd to 4 in the morning, the moon gate collapsed, once the most beautiful landscape into a rubble. The reason for the gate of the collapse, media reports said that 3 evening scraping years of this rare gale, it is found that the collapse of second days." As a result of no one’s own witness, this statement can not be affirmed. But, as the the Great Wall gate towers exposed to the weather, the residual building after rain erosion, due to lack of effective protection, fragile as a matter of fact. Sun Xuerui, a local cultural relics protection worker, told reporters that dangerous situation appeared in ancient buildings. They should be reported promptly, and measures should be taken to reinforce them. According to the local people, in recent years, this section of the the Great Wall has also had a certain maintenance, but the effect is not obvious. Shuozhou City Cultural scholar Zhao Yonghong said, so easily destroyed, very sorry, very sad, then that this section of the Great Wall nature reserve, but the attraction is the symbol of Shuozhou, because human negligence collapsed, feel very regret. "Moon" collapse because occurred during the National Day holiday, the relevant aspects of the report to the higher authorities at the same time, also in the collapsed place has been cordoned off, waiting for further processing. However, how to protect the future is really a question to think about. According to photographer Bruce Lee, there are also problems in the same place where the place is not far away. It is not from this beginning, take action, do something, do not let such a thing happen again, do not let such a regret happen again. (reporter Yue Xuhui Shuozhou station reporter Cui Xiaolin) (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia) 山西明长城“月亮门”坍塌 附近已经拉起保护绳–四川频道–人民网 原标题:山西明长城“月亮门”坍塌 附近已经拉起保护绳   据中国之声《新闻纵横》报道,昨天(6日)报道了被称为山西广武明长城最美标志性建筑的“月亮门”突然坍塌,引发了热议。同时,各地游客和摄影爱好者纷纷来到倒塌的遗址表达思念之情,目前,已经变成废墟的“月亮门”附近已经拉起了保护绳。   所谓的“月亮门”其实是一座长城敌楼的残部,由于风霜雨雪的侵蚀,现在只剩下一个拱形的形体,因此被当地人和旅行爱好者形象地称为“月亮门”。接下来要如何处置已经成为废墟的月亮门?保护长城遗产到底该采取怎样的行动?   塞外秋早,山西朔州广武明长城所在的猴岭群山已经是秋高草黄,落叶萧萧。昨天这里一早就阴云密布,下午的时候更是下起了连绵的秋雨,寒意萧萧。得知广武明长城标志性景观“月亮门”坍塌后,很多游客、摄影师、文化工作者都特意赶来看望月亮门的废墟。   “今天当我看到这些的时候,我的心非常的遗憾,还有心痛。”   “我早上七点来的,上午的时候,很多摄影圈的朋友都上去了,那个情况来看随时还可能继续再坍塌,毕竟风吹日晒的,在那里几百年了。 ”   “消失的形式觉得挺悲壮的,还有一种形式就是悲凉,乘着这个秋雨。”   唐女士是月亮门的常客,10月2号下午刚刚去过,打算再去那里拍照留念。她说:“我还想着带着晚礼服去那儿照两张像,因为古城砖配晚礼服应该是一种比较潮的搭配。结果它塌了,我觉得特别伤心,就跟自己受伤了一样。 ”   广武明长城建于明代初期,是山西境内设计最巧妙、构造最精致、现存包砖最完整的明长城之一,也是我国万里长城最长的一段、原汁原味古长城,历史、文化、军事研究价值非常高。   被称为广武长城最美景观的月亮门原本是一座敌楼,5百多年风霜雨雪的侵蚀,使这座敌楼只剩下一个拱形的形体,高高矗立在山脊上,和周围的长城墙体一起,构成了广武长城标志性景观,被当地人和广大旅游爱好者称为月亮门。每当夕阳西下,铜色的阳光打在关塞上,透着透出边塞苍凉雄浑之美。 在很多朔州人眼里,月亮门有着特殊的情感意义:也寄托了不少人的情感。   游客唐女士说:“不论是城墙还是人,谁都有谁的故事,孤独的站在那里,我就想和它对望,和他对话。”   摄影师李小龙说:“这个作为一个摄影人,在拍的时候很震撼,为朔州有这样一个地标性的历史遗存感到自豪。但是当他真的成为历史的时候,如果我们想要给别人呈现他的原貌,只能用影像来还原。 ”   10月3号晚上到4号早晨之间,月亮门发生坍塌,曾经的最美标志性景观化为一片瓦砾废墟。对于月亮门发生坍塌的原因,有媒体报道说,3日晚上刮了这几年少见的大风,第二天便发现倒塌了。”由于无人亲眼见证,无法肯定这一说法。但是,月亮门作为长城碉楼风吹日晒,雨雪侵蚀后的残留建筑,由于没有得到有效的保护,弱不禁风也是事实。   当地文物保护工作者孙学瑞告诉记者,古建筑出现了危险状况,就要迅速上报,采取措施进行加固,无论如何也不能让毁了。据当地人介绍,近年来,这段长城也曾有过一定的维修,但是效果并不明显。朔州市文化学者赵永红表示,这么轻易地就毁掉了,非常遗憾,心里非常悲伤,后来了解说,这一段长城自然保护,但是,这个景点是朔州标志性的东西,因为人为的疏忽倒塌了,感觉非常的遗憾。   “月亮门”坍塌由于发生在国庆长假期间,相关方面在报告上级部门的同时,也在坍塌处已经拉起警戒线,等待进一步处理。然而,未来如何保护,确实是一个需要思考的问题。   摄影师李小龙说,在这个地方不远的地方,同样的文物也存在问题。是不是从这个开始,采取行动,做点什么,不要让这样的事情再发生,不要让这样的遗憾再发生。(记者岳旭辉 朔州台记者崔小林) (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章: