Andy Lau was exposed to father Carol Zhu again in August.-stanley博士的家2

Andy Lau was once again when the father of Carol Zhu in August in the field of suspected birth in new network on 27 September, according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the 55 year old Hongkong king Andy Lau (Andy Lau) Carol Zhu in 2008 with the low-key married, the couple gave birth to 4 years ago, the eldest daughter Liu Xianghui (Hanna), in recent years the frequency two people intend to fight a sub. In April of this year, Carol Zhu came out of pregnancy, and he still had a baby boy. He was blocked by Andy Lau’s "not yet". I didn’t expect that 27 days in Hongkong, the media came out of Carol Zhu’s Secret child in August. Andy Lau was suspicious of being a dad again. In April this year, Carol Zhu was photographed wearing loose, flat shoes shopping, the outside world will fight Andy Lau two rumors of success, Andy Lau later in the official website wrote: "choose to use words in this description, concise and clear, has not denied it!". Today, the Hongkong weekly broke the previously photographed stomach Tutu Carol Zhu last month to the field of low birth, recently Andy Lau birthday, Carol Zhu will sit the confinement and hurried back to Hongkong for her husband’s birthday. Weekly broke the news today, the 55 birthday of Andy Lau, this month in advance with the "Andy Lau world" fans in KiTEC birthday, Liu Ba, Liu mom, happy Hanna appeared, Carol Zhu look tired, black stood wearing a loose shirt. The intimate Andy Lau this time lets the wife rest, midway only holds the daughter to take power, does not call Carol Zhu to step on stage specially. It is reported that Andy Lau could not bear to previous daughter exposure, the paparazzi pursued, this time to meet the two low-key son, did not report to the outside world, but this rumor, Andy Lau has not yet responded.

刘德华被曝再度当爸 朱丽倩8月疑赴外地产子 中新网9月27日电 据台湾《中时电子报》报道,55岁香港天王刘德华(华仔)2008年与朱丽倩低调完婚,夫妻俩4年前生下长女刘向蕙(Hanna),近年来频传两人有意再拼一子。今年4月传出朱丽倩怀孕成功,且怀的还是男宝宝,却被华仔以“还没有”挡枪,没想到27日香港媒体却传出朱丽倩今年8月到外地秘密生子,刘德华疑再度当爸。今年4月朱丽倩被拍到衣着宽松、穿平底鞋逛街,外界便盛传刘德华拼二子成功,事后华仔在官网写下:“选择用文字在这说明,简洁清楚,还没有!”否认此事。今日,香港周刊爆料先前被拍到肚子凸凸的朱丽倩,上月到外地低调生子,近日刘德华过生日,坐完月子的朱丽倩便急忙回香港,替老公庆生。周刊爆料称,今天过55岁生日的刘德华,本月中提前与“华仔天地”粉丝在九龙湾国际展贸中心庆生,刘爸、刘妈、Hanna都开心现身,朱丽倩则一脸倦容,穿上黑色宽松衬衫站在一旁。贴心的华仔这回让老婆休息,中途只抱女儿上台,没特地叫朱丽倩上台。据悉刘德华不忍先前女儿曝光,被狗仔追访,这回才选择低调迎接二儿子,没向外界报告,但对此传闻,刘德华方面尚未做出回应。相关的主题文章: