Ask for evidence will pregnant women eat crabs to abort-残清1864

Ask for evidence: will pregnant women eat crabs to abort? The autumn crab meat is delicious, but the pregnant woman has been unable to eat crabs, otherwise it will lead to abortion. Is that true? Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology experts said that pregnant women eat crab caused by abortion, it is not because the reason to eat crabs, often because of the wrong to eat crabs, such as pregnant women on seafood allergy, the crab itself is not fresh or parasites etc.. Crabs contain a lot of protein and calcium and zinc. They also contain more iron and vitamins. They are rich in nutrition and moderate in consumption. They have a good nourishing effect on the body. But many mothers in preparation for pregnancy or pregnancy, will be warned not to eat crab ", the general explanation is because the crab is cold, blood stasis effect, after eating will make the blood downstream, pregnant women eat it prone abortion and abortion. The chief physician of the Department of reproduction and infertility, Liu Ying, Guangdong obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said that the crab is not the main cause of abortion. Clinical cause of abortion due to chromosomal abnormalities, embryonic development is not normal, endocrine dysfunction (mainly mothers in luteal function disorders and hypothyroidism), deficiency of Qi and blood, tired, scared, mood swings, and external factors such as environmental pollution. Crabs do not cause pregnant women to abort, so what is the reason for some pregnant women to miscarry after eating crabs? Director Liu Ying explained, if pregnant woman of seafood allergy, or the crab itself is not fresh or parasites, so it is easy to appear in edible crab allergic reaction or acute gastroenteritis. "Some pregnant women may be unable to digest fresh food due to poor digestion function, which causes acute gastroenteritis, which causes uterine contraction and eventually leads to miscarriage." Chinese Ministry of human resources and social security education and training center, health experts Zhao Liren introduction, arsenic crab food really does contain a certain amount, but even under the action of vitamin C really into arsenic (arsenic is often said), it must be both eat a lot.

求证:孕妇吃螃蟹会流产吗?   秋季螃蟹肉肥味美,不过一直流传孕妇不能吃螃蟹,否则会导致流产,这是真的吗?妇产科专家表示,孕妇吃螃蟹造成流产,绝不是因为吃了螃蟹的原因,往往是因为错吃了螃蟹,比如孕妇本人对河鲜过敏,螃蟹本身不新鲜或有寄生虫等。   螃蟹含有大量蛋白质及钙、锌,还含有较多的铁、维生素等,营养丰富,适量食用对身体有很好的滋补作用。但很多准妈妈在备孕或怀孕时,都会被警告“不能吃螃蟹”,一般的解释是因为螃蟹性寒凉,有活血化瘀之效,食用后会使气血下行,孕妇食用它易致滑胎、流产。   广东省妇产医院生殖与不孕症科主任医师刘颖介绍,螃蟹并不是导致孕妇流产的主要原因。临床上导致流产的原因是染色体异常、胚胎发育不正常、内分泌功能失调(主要是准妈妈体内黄体功能失调及甲状腺功能低下)、气血亏虚、劳累、惊吓等情绪波动,以及外界环境污染等因素。   螃蟹本身并不会导致孕妇流产,那么有些孕妇在食用螃蟹后流产,又是什么原因呢?刘颖主任解释,如果孕妇本人对河鲜过敏,或者螃蟹本身不新鲜或有寄生虫,那么就容易在食用螃蟹后出现过敏反应或急性肠胃炎。   “有些孕妇可能因为消化功能不好,无法消化生鲜食物,出现急性肠胃炎,从而引起宫缩,最终导致流产。”中国人力资源和社会保障部教育培训中心养生专家赵利仁介绍,虾蟹类食物的确含有一定量的砷化物,但即便是在维生素C的作用下真的转化为三氧化二砷(也就是常说的砒霜),也必须是两者一起大量食用。相关的主题文章: