The first international tax service point in the province is set up in Yiwu to set up 30 national ta-foxpro6.0免费下载

The province’s first international tax service in Yiwu set up tax window 30 Jinhua October 7th news (reporter, news client Zhiming correspondent Ma Yisheng Liu Yu) in September 26th, the province’s first international tax service in Yiwu. This is followed by the 2014 entry and exit tax administration section of the Yiwu Municipal Taxation Bureau, which has entered the international trade service center as a whole. According to the chief of Yiwu State Administration of taxation policies and regulations introduced Wu Huiliang, set up the international tax service in Yiwu, because Yiwu is an open economy with distinctive characteristics of the "The Belt and Road city" strategic fulcrum. In 2015, the total export of Yiwu amounted to $33 billion 860 million. The establishment of an international tax service, which can better help the development of Yiwu’s open economy, foreign investment in Yiwu to create a better environment for tax, Yiwu enterprises "going out" escort, but also for the next step to lay a solid foundation for the promotion of international tax service work in the province. Yiwu international tax service point is located in the city of Yiwu International Trade Center building two joint country local tax office, a tax window 30, tax window 9, currently can apply for tax registration and alteration of foreign enterprises and foreign enterprises for tax declaration, export refund (Exemption) of tax filing and other international business tax.

全省首个国际税收服务点落户义乌 设国税窗口30个金华新闻客户端10月7日消息 (记者 楼志明 通讯员 马义生 刘煜) 9月26日,全省首个国际税收服务点落户义乌。这是继2014年义乌市国税局进出口税收管理科整体进驻国际贸易服务中心之后,又一项完善涉外税收服务的创新之举。据义乌市国税局政策法规科科长吴惠良介绍,率先在义乌设立国际税收服务点,是因为义乌具有鲜明的开放型经济特点,是“一带一路”战略支点城市。2015年义乌出口总额达338.6亿美元。国际税收服务点的设立,既能更好地助力义乌开放型经济的发展,为外资在义乌的投资创造更好的税收环境,为义乌企业“走出去”保驾护航,也为下一步在全省推广国际税收服务点工作奠定坚实的基础。义乌国际税收服务点位于义乌市国际贸易服务中心二楼国地税联合办税厅,设有国税窗口30个,地税窗口9个,目前可办理和变更涉外企业的税务登记及办理涉外企业纳税申报、出口退(免)税备案等国际税收具体业务。相关的主题文章: