A woman teacher on his way to see his cell phone fall to his right eye and be removed-pp点点通2006

Female teachers on the road to see the mobile phone right fall was removed and walk to see the broken mobile phone brewing disaster. The National Day holiday, Miss Su walk while sending and receiving text messages, mobile phone is accidentally fall, right eye poke, right eye caused by rupture, but was forced to eyeballs yesterday. Ms. Su is 43 years old and teaches in a technical school in the Jiang’an District. On the morning of the 3 day, she served as a head teacher to a home visit to the student’s home. On the road has been using a mobile phone SMS, into the area and not noticing vehicles blocking boulders, immediately fell in the hands of the mobile phone, stabbed eyes, bleeding. After a simple treatment in the community hospital, Ms. Su turned to the ophthalmology hospital. The examination revealed that the rupture of the eyeball in her right eye, the pigment membrane and the crystal were removed, and the eyeball needed to be removed. Deputy director of the hospital zhengxingke orbital eye physician Du Wei introduction, mercifully, the hurt is a blind eye. She had been blinded by glaucoma 10 years ago in her right eye, but the appearance was normal. Yesterday, after nearly 2 hours of surgery, Ms. Su’s right eye removed the eyeball and implanted the prosthetic eye, waiting for three weeks to install the prosthetic eye. Du Wei reminds you not to use a mobile phone on your way to the car. It’s not uncommon to have an accident like this. Playing a mobile phone will reduce the concern of the surrounding environment and increase the risk of accident.

女教师路上看手机跌倒 右眼破裂被摘除   走路看手机又酿惨祸。国庆长假苏女士边走路边接发短信,不慎跌倒,手机正戳中右眼,造成右眼破裂,昨日无奈被迫摘除眼球。   苏女士今年43岁,在江岸区一所技校任教。3日上午,担任班主任的她去学生家中家访。在路上一直用手机接发短信,进入小区时没有注意到阻挡机动车行驶的大圆石,当即摔倒,拿在手中的手机戳伤右眼,血流不止。苏女士先在社区医院简单处理后,转到了眼科医院。检查发现,苏女士右眼眼球破裂伤,色素膜和晶体都脱出,需要摘除眼球。   该院眼眶眼整形科副主任医师杜薇介绍,不幸中的万幸,这次戳伤的是一只失明的眼睛。原来苏女士10年前右眼就因青光眼失明,不过外观是正常的。昨日,经过近2个小时手术,苏女士右眼摘除眼球,并植入义眼台,等待三周后安装义眼片。   杜薇提醒,走路开车都不要玩手机,像这样发生意外的事例已不少见。玩手机会降低对周围环境的关注,增加意外发生风险。相关的主题文章: