1057 cases of investigation and investigation in September in Shanxi-音羽かなで

Shanxi thorough investigation and severe punishment of network crimes before September to investigate 1057 cases of the Shanxi daily news (reporter Zuo Yandong) the Provincial Public Security Department announced in September 19th, this year, the province’s public security organs to increase network safety special rectification, regulation according to the network chaos, to crack down on all kinds of network crimes. From January to September, the province’s public security organs network security departments involved in clean-up of network harmful information more than 300; public inspection through police investigation, 30 Internet rumors, warning users 15 people through illegal trouble; investigation, investigate network 1057 criminal cases, arrest illegal crime suspect 1057 people. In June 15th, Internet users by Hu WeChat will not verify the false information related to "Taiyuan Xinlong Mining Bureau screenshot Development Zone District explosion" and forwarded to a rich video. Rich will direct the information directly to "Taiyuan room world" website "Taiyuan owner forum" plate, causing some netizens to panic. Taiyuan police investigation confirmed that the WeChat content is a rumor information, the rumor Hu and rich were detained for 10 days in the public security, respectively. In March 12th, netizen Lu Mou in the WeChat group rumor said: "there will be a greater earthquake in Yuncheng on the night of March 12th." The rumors spread rapidly in the WeChat group and the circle of friends, causing panic among the netizens. Yuncheng public security organ network police immediately intervened in the investigation, and finally, rumor maker Lu Mou was detained by the public security for 7 days. In August 12th, netizens weir spread information in WeChat’s circle of friends, saying: "68 men and women infected with SK5 virus died in Shanghai. A TV news has been broadcast on the Central Committee, temporarily not to eat fish. At present, 8127 fish ponds in Hunan have been infected." Through the investigation of the public security organs, the content belongs to the rumor information, and the public security organs of Xinzhou impose a fine of 500 yuan on the netizen’s place in accordance with the law and educate them. In recent years, the use of network malicious rumors and rumor, has become a social need facing non-traditional security issues become a great social harmfulness of new illegal crime. The Provincial Public Security Bureau network security corps official pointed out that in the public security organs in the special rectification, a number of Internet rumors cases to be dealt with firmly against, with the construction of China’s network legal system further from the deep, the national judicial power on the network crime crackdown will further increase.

山西严查严处网络违法犯罪 前9月查处案件1057起   山西日报讯(记者左燕东)省公安厅9月19日发布消息,今年以来,我省公安机关加大网络安全专项整治力度,依法整治网络乱象,严厉打击各类网络违法犯罪活动。1月至9月,全省公安机关网络安全部门共清理涉网有害信息300多条;通过网警公开巡查,查处网上谣言30起,警示违法滋事网民15人次;通过侦查办案,查处网络违法犯罪案件1057起,抓获违法犯罪嫌疑人1057人。   6月15日,网民胡某通过微信将未核实的虚假信息“太原矿务局开发区鑫隆小区发生爆炸”的相关截图和视频转发给富某。富某将该信息直接转发至《太原房天下》网站“太原业主论坛”板块,引起部分网民的恐慌。太原警方侦查确认,该微信内容属谣言信息,造谣者胡某和富某分别被治安拘留10日。   3月12日,网民吕某在微信群造谣称:“3月12日晚运城将有更大地震发生。”相关谣言迅速在微信群和朋友圈广泛传播,引发网民恐慌。运城公安机关网络警察立即介入调查,最终,谣言制造者吕某被治安拘留7日。   8月12日,网民韦某在微信朋友圈传播信息称:“上海68名男女感染SK5病毒死亡,中央一台电视新闻已播出,暂时别吃鱼类,目前湖南有8127个鱼塘已感染。”经公安机关调查,该内容属谣言信息,忻州公安机关依法对网民韦某处以罚款500元并对其进行教育训诫。   近年来,利用网络进行的恶意造谣和传谣等,已成为全社会需要共同面临的非传统安全问题,成为社会危害性极大的新型违法犯罪形态。   省公安厅网络安全保卫总队负责人指出,在公安机关专项整治中,一批网络谣言案件得到了坚决的查处打击,随着我国网络法制建设的进一步引深,国家司法力量对网络违法犯罪的打击力度必将进一步加大。相关的主题文章: