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Beijing today evening peak early tomorrow Beijing bad – Beijing channel — original title: today evening peak early tomorrow go out of Beijing newspaper news (reporter Sun Hongyang) the traffic control department yesterday released the National Day holiday traffic tips, vacation by motor vehicle tail number limit line without limit, a small passenger car free high-speed road traffic on holiday the traffic will usher in a huge pressure. In the afternoon, some units are in succession, and the late peak will be ahead of time. Tomorrow, the first day of the holiday is the biggest traffic pressure, the city highway will usher in the peak of Beijing traffic flow. According to the previous year’s data, the National Day holiday traffic pressure is on the rise year by year, and the first day of the holiday is the biggest traffic pressure. In addition, the traffic volume of the expressway increases year by year, and the traffic volume is expected to be higher than that in previous years, especially in Beijing, Tibet, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao and Jingkai. The high-speed, provincial and provincial roads leading to the various scenic spots in the suburbs are likely to have long and long time congestion in the holidays. It is estimated that the peak of the high speed road will appear on the front and rear ends of the holiday. In the afternoon of September 30th, October 1st and October 2nd, there will be the peak of the traffic flow from Beijing to Beijing, and there will be a return peak on October 6th and 7. During the national day, the number of foreign tourists coming to Beijing will also increase. The passenger flow and traffic volume around the airport, railway station and bus station will be larger. There will also be passenger flow concentration around the subway station and bus station around the hub. During the national day, the hottest attractions include Tiananmen, Gubei water town, the Badaling Great Wall, Xiangshan Park and the Summer Palace. In addition, the two working day after the National Day is Saturday, and the tail number is not limited. It is estimated that the traffic pressure is greater than the normal working day all day, especially in the morning and evening. During the national day, the traffic control department will launch high level ground plan, strengthen the guidance for the maintenance of key areas of the city’s major parks, scenic spots, large venues, bustling commercial district, while increasing drunken driving, speeding, overloading and other serious traffic violations remediation efforts. The traffic management department will also launch a live broadcast of the holiday real-time road and text through the "Beijing traffic police" micro-blog, which is convenient for the citizens to travel. High speed Beijing Tibet high speed bypass proposal (Changping South toll station – Shuiguan toll station) to block time: September 30th 15:00-23:00, October 1st 6:00-23:00, detour along the Beijing Tibet Expressway roads – Sha Yang Lu – Wen Road -216 highway driving, high-speed toll station in the Badaling Great Wall. Chengde (and bridge at – jujube ridge bridge) to block time: September 30th 14:00-19:00 bypass scheme along – Beiyuan Road – huixinxijie Tang Road – Shun Road – White Road, Korea high-speed toll station in the camp. Beijing high-speed (North yuegezhuang bridge toll station blocking time Doudian): September 30th 19:00-23:00, October 1st 6:00-14:00 bypass scheme: along the lotus stone road – Beijing Road – South – West six ring six ring beam, Shenzhen road – Road, high speed in Doudian toll station. Jingkaigaosu (West Weng Zhuang bridge dual source bridge) blocking time: October 6th 12:00-23:00 bypass scheme: from seeking high-speed toll station, along the road -106 road – Lu Yufa highway driving to downtown -228 gift. Beijing Tibet highway (East Garden toll station – xibozi toll station south of one kilometer Office) to block time: October 7th 10:00-23:00 bypass scheme: from the East Garden high-speed toll station, running along the county road 457 State Road in -216, Juyongguan high-speed toll station. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing) 北京今日晚高峰提前 明日出京不好走–北京频道–人民网 原标题:今日晚高峰提前 明日出京不好走   本报讯(记者 孙宏阳)交管部门昨日发布国庆长假交通提示,受假期机动车不受尾号限行限制、高速路小客车免费通行等影响,节日交通将迎来巨大压力。今日午后部分单位陆续放假,晚高峰将有所提前。明日假期首日交通压力最大,本市高速路将迎来出京车流高峰。   根据往年数据,国庆节假期交通压力总体呈逐年上升态势,且假期首日交通压力最大。此外,国庆节假期高速公路流量逐年递增,预计今年流量将高于往年,特别是京藏、京承、京港澳、京开等高速公路。通向郊区各景区的高速、国省道在假期里有可能出现长距离、长时间拥堵。预计高速路出行高峰将出现在假期的前后两端,其中,9月30日下午、10月1日和10月2日上午将出现高速公路出京车流高峰,10月6日、7日将出现返程高峰。   国庆节期间来京旅游的外地客流也将增加,机场、火车站、汽车站周边客流、车流量较大,交通枢纽周边地铁站、公交站也会出现客流集中的情况。预计国庆期间,最热门的景点包括天安门、古北水镇、八达岭长城、香山公园、颐和园。   此外,国庆节后两个工作日为周六日,尾号不限行,预计全天交通压力大于正常工作日,早晚高峰压力尤为突出。   国庆期间,交管部门将启动高等级上勤方案,加强对全市各大公园、景区景点、大型活动场所、繁华商业区等重点地区的维护疏导,同时加大对酒驾、超速、超载等严重交通违法行为的整治力度。交管部门还将通过“北京交警”微博推出假日实时路况图文直播,方便市民出行。   高速绕行建议   京藏高速(昌平南收费站-水关收费站)   易堵时段:9月30日15:00-23:00 、10月1日6:00-23:00 ,   绕行方案:沿京藏高速辅路-沙阳璐-温南路-216省道行驶,在八达岭长城收费站上高速。   京承高速(望和桥-酸枣岭桥)   易堵时段:9月30日14:00-19:00   绕行方案:沿惠新西街-北苑路-立汤路-顺沙路-白马路行驶,在高丽营收费站上高速。   京港澳高速(岳各庄桥-窦店北收费站)   易堵时段:9月30日19:00-23:00、 10月1日6:00-14:00   绕行方案:沿莲石东路-京原路-西六环-南六环-梁官公路-京深路行驶,在窦店收费站上高速。   京开高速(西翁各庄桥-双源桥)   易堵时段:10月6日12:00-23:00   绕行方案:从求贤收费站下高速,沿榆垡路-106国道-大礼路-228省道行驶至市区。   京藏高速(东花园收费站-西拨子收费站向南一公里处)   易堵时段:10月7日10:00-23:00   绕行方案:从东花园收费站下高速,沿457县道-216国道行驶,在居庸关收费站下高速。 (责编:陈一诺、高星)相关的主题文章: