Eleven golden week, Henan tourism attracts 30 billion 900 million yuan, 51 million 874 thousand visi 姉summer

The eleven Henan Golden Week tourism attract 30 billion 900 million yuan 51 million 874 thousand tourists in the newspaper news (reporter Liu Chunxiang) this year’s National Day holiday period, our province overall fine weather, people travel enthusiasm rising, the province’s tourism data highs. Provincial Tourism Bureau statistics show that the seven day holiday, the province received a total of 51 million 874 thousand tourists at home and abroad, tourism revenue of 30 billion 906 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%, respectively, 16.1%. With the implementation of the whole province tourism strategy, the tourists from the traditional scenic areas to the city, the whole time domain, the whole field of diffusion. The city, the countryside, the food, the game, the rich and colorful. The popularity of popular scenic spots is still hot, Yuntai Mountain receives 393 thousand and 900 people, Qingming River Park receives 321 thousand and 200 people, Longmen Grottoes receives 297 thousand and 700 people, and Shaolin Temple receives 205 thousand and 700 people, among them, the foreign tourists accounted for more than 40%. The localities have launched tourism activities, Songshan Shaolin scenic "Shaolin Kung Fu Show", "downtown Zhumadian shrimp chayashan Culture Festival", "Pingdingshan Mo-tse Street Autumn Carnival" have brought visitors out of the ordinary experience. The holiday tourism market in the province is in good order, no major tourism complaints and travel safety accidents, the Provincial Tourism Bureau on duty room received a total of 34 complaints of tourism, have been properly handled.

十一黄金周河南旅游吸金309亿元 接待游客5187.4万人次   本报讯(记者刘春香)今年国庆假日期间,我省天气总体晴好,民众出游热情持续高涨,全省旅游各项数据再创新高。省旅游局统计显示,七天假日,全省共接待海内外游客5187.4万人次,旅游总收入309.06亿元,同比分别增长13.5%、16.1%。   随 着全省全域旅游战略的实施,带动游客从传统景区向全市域、全时域、全领域扩散。城里乡下、吃的玩的,丰富多彩。传统热门景区人气依然火爆,云台山接待 39.39万人次、清明上河园接待32.12万人次、龙门石窟接待29.77万人次、少林寺接待20.57万人次,其中省外游客占比达到40%以上。各地 纷纷推出了特色旅游活动,嵩山少林景区的“少林功夫秀”、驻马店“虾闹嵖岈山文化节”、平顶山“墨子古街金秋狂欢节”等都给游客带来了与众不同的体验。   全省假日旅游市场秩序井然,未发生重大旅游投诉和旅游安全事故,省旅游局值班室共接到34起旅游投诉,均得到妥善处理。相关的主题文章: