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Qianjiang Evening News: we do not want to be Liu Lingli – View – people.com.cn original title: we do not want to be Liu Lingli Lanzhou Jiaotong University post College executives must now regret in pride. Teacher Liu Lingli cancer, does not ask for much, but hope schools don’t expel themselves, even proposed as long as labor relations, they are willing to pay to pay health insurance the humble supplication, but was rejected. "You don’t have to cry in front of me!" Director of personnel domineering side leakage. The school argues that they are in the "do not know Liu’s cancer" in the case of the decision. They don’t know when the court ‘s ruling that the dismissal is invalid. When Liu mother crying cry to the school, they don’t know. When Liu stall when to raise money in the street, they don’t know. When Liu left the world in the circle of friends before the final sigh of life, they still do not know. It is only a matter of fermentation every day, until it becomes a hot spot in the network, the hubbub of the time, they suddenly know. From the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the "copycat organization" got a number of titles of dean Chen Ling, finally himself, hurriedly waving "reconciliation agreement", with 500 thousand reparations promised door to apologize, and claim that this is the chief of personnel fault, "has been suspended inspection, she just signed a word". If as long as say, things can erase this. Labor protection law has a clear provision, when workers due to illness in the treatment period, the enterprise shall not terminate the labor relations. This is a basic humanistic care, but also the basic rights of workers. But the right, at the Lanzhou Jiaotong University School of post here, even as a piece of paper. Life is the norm, each of us will meet. Because everyone has the possibility to make a teacher, Liu Lingli in despair when the sigh, let everyone feel regret, but for the Lanzhou Jiaotong University School of post practice, and make everyone feel cold and afraid. Although the Lanzhou Jiaotong University post College of independent college, educational investment by a Real Estate Company boss. However, the field of investment belongs to the public domain, the nature of the Institute itself is still a public educational institutions. A teaching for public education institutions responsibility, when employees are the most in need of care, take the illegal way, trying to put their public responsibilities should be cut off, this is completely contrary to the public institution, the court refused to implement the arrogant attitude, more is the highlight of the capital wayward. Modern society should be a society that stresses the rule of law, whether it is capital or power, should be run under social norms. Social norms should protect the legitimate rights and interests of every social subject, and every social subject should bear the corresponding social responsibility. In the face of these large institutions, so weak, so that the fear of incapable of action, they do not abide by the rules, because each person may be the victim, even the court ruling can be refused to carry out. They don’t care, but crowning calamity. That’s why we’re concerned about the Liu Lingli affair相关的主题文章: