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VIVA FOREVER — wavey read "forever Freda" – the first Sohu maternal understanding, but is the makeup of the synophrys face, said it is rough, but delicate, unique beauty. With the turning moment, just know this unique personality makeup, from the legendary European region’s most famous female artist — Frida Kahlo. Thus, the author of this creation, want to tell the life of Freda. Her name is Yu · Morales, a Mexican immigrant to the United states. Different from other pen calligraphy books, she introduced a puppet show, printmaking, painting and photography and other creative forms, complete the "Viva Frida", Chinese translation "forever Freda". Such a unique creative way, let the book gains in 2015, Kedik silver, the 2015 PURA BELPR award. Beautiful, bright, bright. Mexico’s national flower, dahlia. As if to say that this woman blossoms. "Forever Freda", the 32 words, 66 Chinese characters, a brief description of the life of Freda, if not seen I think about her, and I can’t read such tears. Freda, she is beautiful, even slightly some blemishes will increase her charm just perfect: for example, the two line almost thick eyebrows, her upper lip moustache. She loves Mexico gorgeous costumes, headwears and earrings also love beautiful, walking in the city, she did not care about other people’s eyes. This is Freda. However, she was 6 years old suffering from polio, a car accident at the age of 18, resulting in her spine, clavicle, rib fracture, broken pelvis, right leg fracture of the 11. In addition, her right foot dislocated, comminuted fracture, dislocated shoulder. A total of 33 big and small surgery, miraculously survived. For the sake of the body, she spent most of her life in bed, but still eager to fly freely. The parrot is her pet for life. In life, the pain of the body and the spirit of torture so that she suffered for many years, but she did not choose to give up, she has been trying to find their own treasure. Finally, she found the key. Don’t hesitate to turn it on. She is like the world of an outsider, laugh, laugh at the many; she doesn’t care about other people’s eyes, lengnuanzizhi, enjoy the wonderful life. Even though many hardships in life, Freda has always insisted on their dreams. She begged his father to buy a pen and paper, let mother in bed with her through the mirror, mirror painting, painting the lustrous and dazzling tortured her. Freda loves everything about Mexico, its color, folk art, traditional costumes, and values of integrity and family. Her works are described by their own stories, most of them are self portraits. In these works, Freda often put himself in the traditional costumes of Mexico, and the pain and death, also become the prey under the brush. People love her work and love her beauty. Even when she arrived in France, Picasso was going to entertain her, yes, the whole world相关的主题文章: