Sanya introduced about the rules of the network car car and driver must be Sanya Ji (video) caxa实体设计

Sanya introduced the network about the car: car and driver rules to be "Sanya nationality" two months ago "national network booking taxi service management Interim Measures" after the introduction of network about cars legalization problem has been clear, but the local rules formulated the pace is relatively slow. Sanya recently announced the "Sanya online booking taxi business service management implementation rules (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "draft", became the first in our province the introduction of relevant local rules about net car city. Draft clear, we must adhere to the priority development of urban public transport, the appropriate development of the taxi, in accordance with the principle of high-quality services, differentiated management, co-ordination, norms, and orderly development of the network about cars. About the market price of car fare adjustment. Due to special circumstances, approved by the Municipal People’s government submitted to the provincial people’s government, the implementation of temporary price. The "draft" restrictions on vehicle condition in Sanya in the network about the car business, shall be the seat of the city registered 5 (inclusive) above 7 (including) the following passenger car; with the installation of vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm equipment; vehicles since debut under 3 years the date of registration; technical performance of the vehicle to meet the requirements of relevant standards to meet the latest standards of safety operation, the province announced the implementation of motor vehicle emissions. About the network driver, the draft also clear that the city must hold a residence permit or residence permit in Sanya and other conditions, and apply to participate in the relevant qualification examination. Relevant departments of Sanya also announced the "Interim Measures for the management of private passenger cars in Sanya (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft") to encourage and regulate the behavior of private passenger cars. The draft clearly, combined with the travel cost of travel is limited to the cost of fuel consumption and fuel consumption by the time of travel vehicles, by the driver and the number of passengers in accordance with the reasonable average distribution. Ride platform, the driver shall not charge time and other charges. In the network about cars to operate a vehicle must be registered in Sanya city 5 (inclusive) above 7 (including) the following passenger car; with the installation of vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm equipment; vehicles since the initial registration date of not more than 3 years; the vehicle technology can meet the relevant standards operation safety requirements, meet the new standard of motor vehicle emissions in the province announced the implementation of the vehicle; the appearance color should be clearly distinguished from the cruising taxi, shall not be installed lamps, lamp load parade car service facilities. Net about car driver must hold a Sanya residence in the city or the city residence permit, obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license, and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no record of violence, no drug use, no drink driving record, recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle there is no record of 12 points in the record; male 60 years of age, women 55 years of age, physical health. Network about car price war smoke again? It can take a cheap network about cars recommended: pay attention to the "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Chinese AI" Zhi Yuan "can get new Chinese artificial intelligence industry development report"; "business reply report", can obtain the United States "AI business guide"; "Standford replied".相关的主题文章: