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Mobile phone shell has to iPhone7 a month before the release of the first shipment of 50 billion mobile phone peripheral products market, 70% from Apple accessories as previously predicted, iPhone7 7Plus new machine Apple Corp officially released yesterday canceled the 3.5m m headset interface brings a wireless headset A irP ods. In a pile of "headset easily lost" banter, Chinese businessmen see the business opportunities, "can develop a 18 carat gold earrings accessories when headset plug." In fact, as early as the new generation of Apple’s mobile phone debut, China is engaged in the business of mobile phone peripheral products waiting for the annual carnival. Nandu reporter survey was informed that iPhone7 mobile phone shell shipped a month ago. The industry expects the entire mobile phone accessories market annual sales of nearly 50 billion, iPhone accessories accounted for up to 70%. Mobile shell a month ago has shipped Apple autumn Conference on the eve of the various accessories manufacturers have been the first in the micro-blog drying out including the phone shell, data lines, including the surrounding parts of steel products. As in previous years, the new iPhone is not yet available, the first battle around the market has started: Taobao, Jingdong and other channels are on the mobile phone protection shell, tempered film, Li-ghtning headset, Lightning interface and other accessories. "The biggest sales of mobile phone accessories mainly headset, mobile phone shell, mobile power supply, charging line four categories, engaged in mobile phone accessories in Shenzhen for many years old cattle technology founder Tian Jialin told reporters in Nandu, the entire mobile phone accessories industry annual sales of 40 billion -500 billion, which accounted for 70% of apple accessories, this is one of the most popular is mobile phone shell. "Mobile phone protection shell in the industry will be out of the basic five or six models, iPhone7 a release, you can sync sales," said a shopkeeper selling iPhone accessories on Taobao. Shenzhen is a company engaged in the production of mobile phone shell manufacturer Wang Chao (a pseudonym) told reporters in Nandu, the mobile phone protection shell can be in a month before Apple launches shipments, "because the appearance of iPhone7 has got the information in advance, rarely have access." In order to catch up with the new iPhone listed on the first express, accessories factory has been informed of the parameter information is essential, but get the apple core message is not easy. In previous years, there are many manufacturers due to the adoption of incorrect iPhone information leading to large-scale product scrap, Tian Jialin said. But with the growing demand, iPhone information industry chain is also increasingly mature, you can see the spread of Apple products on the market more accurate information. "Apple is a data for the company, insiders said, experienced manufacturers have worked out the sale channel reliable news, the core information price an apple to 100 thousand yuan in 50 thousand. Mobile phone accessories market is a serious driving force of the mobile phone accessories market is so hot is undoubtedly the reason for the higher price of Apple genuine accessories, leading consumers to seek open market. IPhone7 wireless headset genuine price 1288 yuan so many netizens call "kidney pain", official protection Liu相关的主题文章: