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Green barley wine, the main business of continuous decline of 70 million     with the layout of whiskey; green barley wine released semi annual results at the same time, also revealed a subsidiary of Tibet tianyoude in cash, land invested 70 million yuan, set up a wholly-owned sun’s whiskey business layout. In fact, this is the green barley wine from the previously proposed the development of whiskey to a substantial move landing. Highland barley wine enterprises why insisted on the development of whisky? On the one hand, green barley wine, barley wine main business performance decline, on the other hand, the active layout of whisky trying to reverse the trend. In the industry view, green barley wine it for enterprises now situation may be an utterly inadequate measure. In August 24th 70 million the layout of green barley wine whisky, released in the first half of 2016 earnings, with the semi annual report released at the same time, green barley wine also disclosed the three investment announcement. Among them, green barley wine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tibet tianyoude in cash, land invested 70 million yuan, and the establishment of a wholly owned company Tibet sun whiskey liquor limited liability company. In this regard, the Beijing Daily reporter called green barley wine chairman Li Yinhui, but did not get a reply. Green barley wine, said the move is to further optimize the product structure, reduce the risk of single liquor products. At the same time become a trend among young people love to low alcohol wine and whisky as the representative of the wine, this project will meet market demand. In addition, green barley wine and also for the overseas market for layout, clear green barley wine will use barley wine unique raw material and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau geographical advantages, the export of highland barley wine Tchang as a new category of spirits for promotion in the global mainstream market, this program is not only for the overseas Chinese market strategy, also plans to the export of highland barley wine Tchang will be following the vodka, whisky, gin, tequila after the new category of spirits. In fact, this is not the first proposed the development of green barley wine and whiskey. In early 2014, green barley wine is involved in the whiskey plan. In 2014, the acquisition of green barley wine in the United States Marx Wei winery, in order to enter the Wine industry. In November 2015, green barley wine and American high-end Wine first wine maker Terlato company signed a "memorandum of strategic cooperation, American Terlato company tianyoude barley wine imported into the United States market and high-end liquor green barley wine company introduced the United States Terlato company to enter the high-end Wine China market these two aspects of cooperation. In addition, green barley wine is willing to learn from America’s Napa Wine, willing to learn Scotch Whisky and Koniec brandy. Insiders said that under the way of life and changes in consumer habits, consumer groups and liquor consumption structure increasingly diversified, single category will not be able to meet the needs of consumers, green barley wine in recent years is to seek to enter the Wine business, and then try to layout the whiskey, is to reduce the risk of single liquor products. Main business with the recent decline in liquor companies have released semi annual report, Moutai, Wuliangye, wells theory相关的主题文章: