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An apartment tenants refused to check out the formaldehyde exceed the standard by default "eggshell" formaldehyde exceed the standard tenant check newspaper after the intervention of "eggshell" refused to return the remaining rent apartment that looks very neat new apartment, the formaldehyde concentration is far exceed the standard. Recently, the public Ms. Xiao told this newspaper reflect her apartment in the brand "eggshell" a week after feeling unwell, the testing center showed that formaldehyde exceed the standard, but she proposes the check-out request was rejected, the other "eggshell" also said that early surrender belongs to breach, shall receive 2040 yuan of liquidated damages. After 12315 consumer complaints hotline and newspaper intervention, yesterday, said the eggshell apartment, agreed to check out the house, the refund of the remaining rent. In the "eggshell" throat thirsty Miss Xiao told the Beijing morning news reporter, in July 19th, she saw Haidian District financial Zejia Park East Hospital No. 6, a "shell apartment", and the business side of purple indus (Beijing) Asset Management Company Limited signed a contract and pay the rent, deposit and other expenses, the next day to stay. Miss Xiao said: "I felt that the house decoration is very beautiful, just moved into the old throat dry, when the weather is hot, often open air conditioning or open the window, I did not care too much. But on the morning of August 24th, I forgot to open the window ventilation, at home in the evening after the smell of a particularly pungent smell, eyes choked with tears." Think of a colleague who rented a room after the formaldehyde caused by physical discomfort experience, she also began to doubt whether this room is also a problem. That night, Ms. Xiao invited colleagues to use formaldehyde detector detection, we open the detector, less than two minutes, the instrument shows the indoor formaldehyde concentration of 0.277 mg cubic meters, significantly exceeded ah. That night I did not dare to live, moved to a colleague’s home." In August 25th, she told the eggshell apartment customer service to reflect this, "said they can send someone to spray diluted with formaldehyde of indoor formaldehyde," Ms. Shaw on the results of this treatment hardly satisfied, did not expect to return a house, "they said in advance rent a breach, will have to pay 2040 yuan of liquidated damages. I return a house is also because of their indoor formaldehyde exceeded ah, I did not want to health compensation, they want me to default?" Self detection of formaldehyde exceed the standard in August 30th, Ms. Xiao pocket 500 yuan, Beijing Jinghuan built environment quality inspection center, the day before yesterday received the test report. The testing center staff told the Beijing morning news reporter, Ms. Xiao detection room formaldehyde concentration of 0.179 mg of formaldehyde exceed the standard cubic meters, belong to moderate, according to China’s "indoor air quality standards" provisions, the concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air should not be higher than 0.10 mg / cubic meters. The reporter then came to Ms. Xiao rented apartment apartment sublet to the shell, 3, she lived in one bedroom, Ms. Xiao just walked into the bedroom, can smell a pungent odor, then the house windows closed, stocked with only a double bed, a wardrobe, a desk. Reporters also noted that the decoration of the apartment door posted registration form shows that the room decoration time for January 28, 2015 to 2016相关的主题文章: