Mountain gold and silver more than a single layout holding, triangular shock interval of crude oil 爱多vcd

Mountain: gold and silver more than a single layout holding oil interval triangular shock Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Do business first to ecstasy, eliminate outside interference, just believe in yourself, you don’t believe in yourself, certainly is not good deal. But the premise is that they must have strong technical support, steady state of mind, calm analysis, to maintain such a state, once in the money, it will continue to be profitable and efficient. That time is not confident, selfless would have a profit, but profit to stimulate the state of ecstasy. But on the other hand, the transaction can not be self, once self forget, deep losses, frustration, regret, pain, may wish to take a break, learn from other people’s strength out of this predicament. There should be selfless, self in the analyst’s occupation career, is indispensable for growth in nutrient elements. The next day to Huang trading more than a single low, midnight work by Fed officials dovish speech pressure test of the weaker dollar, weighed down, pulled away silver oil, gold more than 1 thousand and 324 single, reaching the first goal of the 1330 line, gold Powei within 1330 days, began a new phase of a rising trend, the daily low Doji, at the bottom of the H4 state clearly, or maintain above the target unchanged at 1335-1338. Silver technical is also watching the daily cycle and H4 efforts on the 18.90-19.80 interval. Midnight oil highest in 46.40, temporarily down the daily closing Yang, but remains short, 46.40 days concerns of repression, in short interval in the interval, 46.40-45.10. A more timely market contact shanhaiguan! The next day a gold wave back and forth, generally in the range of 1330-1320, $10, in the cycle, to slow the Asia Europe plate fell to 1320, the U.S. Federal Reserve officials by midnight speech weakened the dollar fell, gold and silver to pull high end, gold is still in the vicinity of 1330 line. Technical side remained rangebound in the whole line unchanged, the only change is in line with the daily cycle, long lead wire line, while 1230 of the price is out of line on the cycle of the Bollinger rail support, so today, gold is still remain low do, the daily cycle of layers of pressure in 1335-1345. Of course, gold is at the bottom of the defensive point in 1320. From the perspective of inter cell, low yesterday has been stressed in H4 cycles as long as there is under the rail Brin, go at the bottom of a strong rebound in the opportunities and efforts, as expected, the technology will not lie, yesterday in the H4 line low line rail brin point, reflected in is near 1320, then gold in H4 low even Yang Yang line, laid the foundation for today gold continued bullish trend, so that the days of gold or to low do. The small cycle Asia Europe plate pressed down 1330 note temporary efforts, below the support in the vicinity of 1325-1326, the Asia Europe plate 1326 is not broken down on to continue to do more.相关的主题文章: