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British media: the rise of African farms raising crocodile 80% end table Chinese muck, crocodile greedy of the staff. Original title: British media said the rise of Africa raised crocodile: 80% Chinese people on the table over the profits of 100% Reference News Network September 12th reported that the British media said, eating crocodile meat? Crocodile farming industry in Africa is currently an annual increase of 22%, China, Hongkong and Taiwan together to occupy its export market share of 85%. Libya, there must be brave. Broadcasting British Corporation website published in September 8th entitled "Chinese African crocodile" stomach reminders Sheng aquaculture reported that, if you remember are everywhere in a crocodile in the yard work, and never turned back to the mobile phone of the crocodile! Sadly, in May this year, in the eastern region of Kenya’s Kriens · Mukesh crocodile breeding farm, a staff member is making such a fool. Muck, 62, said, "he’s on the phone, not aware of the environment. Later sent to the hospital, died, died." "There was a worker who had lost his index finger for a few weeks old crocodile. This is really a very scary place, but no way, but also to live, but also to make money ah." This is a lucrative, dangerous crocodile breeding! Reported that, if you are shy, nervous, perhaps it should not be considered for selection breeding of Nile crocodiles. The Nile crocodile is one of the largest in Africa crocodile, is also the world’s most deadly hunter! The Nile crocodile can reach 5 meters in length, usually weight reached 750 kg, known as fierce and aggressive. In the wild, the Nile crocodile wounding things often happen. Not all cases have the record, so the exact number is unknown, but it is said that the Nile crocodile in Africa that killed hundreds of people every year. Mukesh crocodile farm is located in Kituyi County, from the capital about 180 kilometers east of Nairobi, a total of more than 3.3 crocodile feeding him. Reported that, in the Chinese market under the promotion of crocodile meat demand at the same time, along with the Kenya to provide domestic restaurants, upscale TuristHotelet crocodile meat sales gradually increased, Mukesh said, his business is booming, hitherto unknown. Mukesh said, "each crocodile…… The meat can earn about 5000 to 7000 Kenya shillings (330 to 460 yuan)." The crocodile meat is white and is said to taste like chicken. Mukesh said, he can also sell crocodile skin, used for shoes, handbags, belts, each can be sold for 2500 Kenya shillings (about 165 yuan). Mukesh said, as a result, every year he slaughtered 3000 alligators, crocodiles each income equivalent to investment doubled. "Raising crocodiles is a challenge, but the most surprising result is profit! Can earn more than 100%." Reported that the crocodile kept in deep muck pit, the pit is also a dry pond. Crocodiles feed on fish, soaked corn and other meat. The pit wall is very steep, to prevent the crocodile escape. However, 246 workers every floor need to climb down the wall into the crocodile pit, capture those meat just school-age, slaughter crocodiles, crocodile is 8 years old. Workers also"相关的主题文章: