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Beiqi magic speed S3L Tibet fam tour ended in Shangri-La, Meili Xue Shan, Nu River, 72 street, 5130 meters east of the mountain pass, Lhasa…… 11 days 2302 km altitude travel over land and water, road, heard of Nu River runs across the ianu Zangbo River, enjoy the snow capped mountains towering solemn, seen wild Tibetan mastiff loyal to send warmth to the children in the mountain, listening to the sounds of Buddha Temple, the experience of Tibetan cultural charm, October 27, 2016, Beiqi magic speed S3L Tibet to fam tour officially came to an end. The snow covered plateau is a piece of land Chinese the most mysterious and magnificent, with natural beauty and cultural heritage of the countless, for Lhasa is a devout hope the hearts of millions of people. Beiqi magic speed S3L convened a different team members, including the famous world traveler, documentary photographer, folk scholars and professional automotive media people, to enjoy Tibet through different perspectives, and complete the "natural love" and "love story" "love" and "love" inheritance "love faith" five tasks at the same time to gather the beauty the practical action to serve the society and dedication of love, for the love of sound. Along the way, our team with the mouth of the "Tibetan Kawagebo mountain", in Tibetan culture in the cultural taste of Tibet Ge Lao legend…… It’s a long road, all magic, let us remember the most was over 72’s Nu River street, as most of the Sichuan Tibet line bend road, Nu River 72 turn about 12 kilometers long, elevation more than 1500 meters, Jiuqu circle, very touching. This difficulty may Beiqi magic speed S3L, with the surging power gold combination Beiqi magic speed S3L1.5L engine and 5MT gearbox, with top international companies in the UK Mira chassis adjustable chassis brought good support and shock filter, and the whole system comes standard with ESP as a guarantee, every turn Beijing magic speed S3L is as steady as Mount Tai ahead. This trip we not only gather beauty, are shouldering an important mission: learning activities for primary school students in the white snow mountain Tibetan send. White snow mountain primary school is the local Tibetan Lama donated the students, mostly orphans, left-behind children, living environment and teaching environment is very bad, lack of basic necessities of life, but the children here have a pair of eyes and a thirst for knowledge, still life is full of hope. With Beiqi magic speed S3L "for the spacious love upgrade of the second and three row seats completely flat, we can learn more supplies to children’s hands, to do something. A group of people, because of love, for love. Beiqi magic speed S3L Tibet fam tour is not only a product of Beiqi magic speed S3L test tour, it is a cultural heritage, to practice charity trip. Tibetan primary school students funded by the white snow mountain, explore the Tibetan cultural heritage mystery, promote friendly cultural exchanges between the Tibetan and other ethnic groups, for the love of sound. The future, Beiqi magic speed in the heart of the car will be made at the same time, more social responsibility, with practical actions to serve the society and consumers.相关的主题文章: