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In the five anniversary of the air LOL was loyal to the feelings of Betta exclusive broadcast rights in August 26, 2016 the National Athletic Game Heroes Union (hereinafter referred to as LOL) will usher in five birthday anniversary, Carnival Festival is scheduled for Guangzhou international sports and entertainment center, the carnival, Jay Chou, Chen He, Mark, Zhu Zhen Lin update, five big names in celebration of the scene to play Kim Hee Chul led the Korean stars, staged the biggest star exhibition in Asia, people feel warm, Betta live with the sole right to live the LOL five anniversary Carnival festival. Betta and heroes Union five anniversary combination LOL five anniversary celebration. "Fish Betta live" as the most authoritative and influential LOL events, heroes union occupation League (hereinafter referred to as LPL) has enjoyed the attention of the LPL game player, summer Championship will be announced, in the LOL five anniversary celebration of the Chinese, not only that, this season to the world finals Chinese regional qualifying final seats will be announced at the ceremony, which was undoubtedly the most striking Star Exhibition: Jay Chou, Chen He, Mark, Zhu Zhen Lin update, five stars will play on the festival and from South Korea’s Kim Hee Chul, Li Chengxuan, Li Hongji, Song Chengxuan, Cui Minhuan a high, a series of exciting events will be broadcast by the domestic leading platform for the whole push to put the betta live. Betta and heroes Union five anniversary combination according to the understanding, as the ceremony live Betta live under the foot work, is a popular anchor sent cookies with beautiful anchor in fox ceremony, the whole ceremony share behind the scenes and field inside and outside the two Festival is wonderful tidbits; during the opening "privilege vote" activities, purchase privilege tickets will receive "special personality color barrage" and "personality Corps Medal" and the 5 anniversary of the additional sweepstakes once, the audience will vote for the privilege of support for the team, as the team won the qualifiers champions medal will keep the personality to the S6 world finals ended; three, Huang Wei, the umbrella is Jessica God and other popular big coffee commentary will be the full participation in the festival hall Betta commentary, at the same time during the live broadcast studio will also send the official statue of Giggs, the luxury surrounding shark fish And the hero alliance volume value gift. In 2011 LOL landing Chinese loyal to the feelings of the air, the wind over the gaming LOL become popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, genuine goods at a fair price online, 2014 webcast quietly rise, fill in blank, one of the most outstanding is Betta live is a retired player, regardless of occupation, or folk God will have fish as the first choice, as domestic direct leader, to create a paradise barrage live mode for the later have to follow, have aspirations to live overlord of the potential was swept, all this and LOL have a close relationship. Betta and heroes Union five anniversary combination League five anniversary and Betta Betta combination been the title sponsor of IG, OMG, HGT and other top domestic gaming club, by the title of the royal family, Betta EDG, OMG three Chinese Corps even shortlisted for the 2014 season world top 8 finals, since the beginning of the air live, and fish indissoluble bound with LOL. Betta and.相关的主题文章: