Those who see the interest class such as great scourges of parents, let the children miss what mothe 霍金hawking

Those who see the interest class such as great scourges of parents, let the children missed what children of maternal – Sohu interest class is not interested to become a burden, really let the children love interest class, an endless enjoyment for him. Why do I give Han Han interest classes? In order to let the children happy and full of two mothers in the area, I heard culvert culvert is only more than 3 years old, it was reported that the dance class, I feel very unnecessary. They said that the child is still small, is to let her play it, learning these little meaning. In fact, when I was going to Angela more than four years old, and then began to choose the interest class to her, but who knows one day after school, there are a lot of interest in their school enrollment, what painting ah, dance blocks ah, ah, because I don’t want to bound the child a powerful and unconstrained style thinking, not to see the painting class. We have a lot of building blocks in the home, so Han Han also just played in the past, did not say to the class. And when we went to the dance class, she said: "Mom, I want to learn dance." I heard her say, squat, pull her hand, looked at her eyes asked: "are you sure want to learn Oh, mother told you that you may learn to learn leg pain, then, will you learn?" Han Han said: "Mom, I want to learn." And then I signed her up. Later, as I expected, there was a time when she could have a good nap and jump to the middle of the night, crying to go back. I asked her, "do you like dancing?" She said, "yes, but I have a pain in my leg. I don’t want to jump." I didn’t force her because she was in bad shape. And then, every week, she kept on jumping and jumping. It was just to see where she was interested, and at the same time to exercise her body. The teacher said to the test, I didn’t think that she can be admitted, if the children love it, I will let her find a better grading, and let her continue to jump dance class. The child’s self-discipline, perseverance to do one thing, are the need to cultivate. The interest class will be able to give children such exercise. Sometimes, even if the child is interested in, also because of his unexpected situation, and the emergence of a variety of retreat, so the key for the interest is the child’s interest, there is the parents’ encouragement and support. In order to develop self-esteem and self-confidence to eat with friends a few days ago, I complained that her baby is not confident. I asked her, what is the specialty of that baby? After listening to her, said with a smile: "ha ha, watching tv!" I immediately went to see her daughter’s reaction, as I expected, the child showed signs of injury. In fact, many children do not have confidence, but because they do not have enough capital to make their own proud. Just like when we were young, we always like to have a good grade in the class, the more like to learn the more effortless, the more confident in class, the courage to answer questions. And a confident child, will know what they want, will win true self-esteem. No more confident, more will hold "poguanziposhuai" mentality, no more confident people talk about what is more improperly belittle oneself, self-esteem? Those who are involved in the growth of children相关的主题文章: