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A good [in] the small problems in tourism Sohu – Canberra housing needs to pay attention to bring up the five traps need to pay attention to the overseas housing, there may be information from the housing, the landlord, intermediary, deposit, contract five scam to carry on the analysis, the hope on the school you can travel abroad and alert to the reference there may be fraud, to protect their own interests. So today we talk about other matters of Canberra rental. 1 convenient travel needs to own where to rent and rent a house what so many tenants are to cudgel thinking. For example, you work in Canberra City, then your house is the best in an area around the city, not far from downtown, and you rent a house near the traffic is not too bad, otherwise it will affect your learning, work and life. So when you go to Canberra, Australia, you have to rent a house you have to consider how to rent, to take into account your own situation to consider, if there is no harm to you blindly benefits. I decided to rent a house in Canberra is relatively simple, because this place in Canberra is a relatively small city, so you go to any place in Canberra are relatively close, so you go to rent a house to live in as long as not too far from the town, as long as in the urban area or around it basically there is no problem. But the price change is not too large, are in the 300 to 400 Australian dollars, far from the city center is a little cheaper at $250 a week, so that as long as it is around the urban area of Canberra city or rent a house, can be. 2 understand the type of housing in the Australian housing specifications mainly have two kinds, one kind is the apartment type, another is a unique garden villa. Various specifications of the housing has a wide variety of Fangxing and area to choose from. But for most foreign students in order to choose a more economical way will be the first choice of apartment type housing. 3 single and flat-share choice also has two options in the rented apartment, one is flat-share with other people, the other one is to separate rental apartment. With others flat-share normally by the landlord to arrange for your roommate, in this case you can rent a bedroom, the other public areas in combination with others. The advantage of this approach is that you can save money, but the roommate is generally assigned, you may not know your roommate before entering, you need to go through a period of running. This week the rental housing in general in the 100-200 Australian dollars, the rent has included water, telephone, electricity, gas charges need to be attached. Another way is the person renting apartments, this does not mean that you need to undertake high rent, you can share the rent around friends and classmates in the rent, the rent way although the initial investment is relatively high, but relatively less need for roommates and the run in period, can be appropriately reduced a lot of trouble. At the same time, such rental housing conditions are relatively good. However, this kind of room generally does not bring any furniture, you need.相关的主题文章: