金晨落马脑袋着地_金晨不慎落马脑袋着地 盘点那些出意外受伤的明星Jin Chen sacked his head_ Jin Chen accidentally sacked his head inventory of those accidental injured star-武汉外语外事职业学院

金晨不慎落马脑袋着地 盘点那些出"意外"受伤的明星

  近日,演员金晨在北欧录制《旅途的花样》期间不慎落马,脑袋先着地。据金晨助理称金晨受伤后依旧坚持录制完节目,一直晕了很多天才去看医生接受治疗。从助理晒出的照片来看,躺在病床上接受医生检查的金晨表情十分痛苦,看上去人很憔悴! 金晨,1990年9月5日出生于山东省济南市,毕业于北京舞蹈学院民族舞专业,中国内地女演员、模特。2015年7月,在玄幻剧《无心法师》中饰演女主角李月牙,并凭借该剧获得广泛关注。今年5月,加盟东方卫视明星旅行体验类真人秀《旅途的花样》。 近两年伴随着各种明星竞技真人秀节目、亲子节目的火爆,越来越多的明星接触高空、高危拍摄。随之而来的是明星在录制节目期间面临着对生命安全的巨大挑战,明星“意外”受伤事件频发,下面我们一起盘点近年在工作中出意外受伤的明星。   今年1月16日,55岁的演员刘德华前往泰国拍新广告。1月17日刘德华在泰国郊区拍摄一幕骑马的场面,当时有数匹马在现场,他所骑的马忽然发狂失控,将刘德华抛落地面,刘德华受到马匹踩踏,受伤严重。刘德华立即被送到当地医院进行治疗,广告拍摄当即暂停。由于伤势严重,腰脊受伤而行动不便,最后刘德华乘坐医疗专机返回香港,接受进一步诊治。 林志颖参加的综艺《我们十七岁》在东北录制期间,有一项任务是在零下20度的冰湖上完成任务,而林志颖在挑战时意外在冰上滑倒,被工作人员扶起时痛苦地捂着肋骨处,随后被紧急送医。   蒋劲夫在《真正男子汉2》中意外受伤,甚至被曝骨头外露,不过只进行了简单的包扎就立刻返加训练场地,要求加入训练。   2015年3月,王宝强在漯河拍摄真人秀《真正男子汉》时意外受伤,导致腿部骨折,并为此停工一个多月入院治疗。

  李晨在录制《奔跑吧兄弟》时眉骨受伤,据悉,当时他和金钟对磊时刚开始,就被力大无穷的金钟国给甩了出去,当场撞得头破血流,节目组将他紧急送医,最终眉骨位置被缝了好几针。   2015年,刘涛在录制《炫风车手》时意外受伤,网上曝光的照片中,刘涛右腿青筋爆出,疼得面部扭曲、坐地不起。   2015年,乐嘉在录制央视真人秀《了不起的挑战》中受伤,导致右睾丸破裂,最终不得不做切除手术。   2012年5月,江苏卫视主持人孟非当天在北京录制《非诚勿扰》时不慎跌落舞台,送到医院初步诊断左手臂关节处骨折,当场医生为孟非打上了石膏 Jin Chen accidentally dropped his head inventory of those "accidental" injured star     Recently, actor Jin Chen in northern Europe recorded "journey of tricks" during the careless sacked, head first touchdown. According to Jin Chen’s assistant, Jin Chen still insisted on recording the program after he was injured and has been dizzy for many days to see a doctor for treatment. From the photo taken by the assistant, Jin Chen, who was lying in bed and examined by the doctor, looked very miserable and looked haggard! Jin Chen, born in Shandong, Ji’nan Province in September 5, 1990, graduated from the National Dance School of Beijing Dance Academy, Chinese mainland actress and model. In July 2015, played by actress Li Yueya in the fantasy drama "and" Wu Xin the monster killer, with the play received wide attention. In May this year, joined the Oriental TV star travel experience class reality show "journey of tricks.". The past two years, accompanied by a variety of star sports reality show, parenting program hot, more and more stars contact high-altitude, high-risk shooting. Followed by the stars in the recording program is facing a huge challenge to the safety of life, star "accident" injuries frequently occur, below we take inventory of recent work in the accident injured star. In January 16th, 55 year old actor Andy Lau traveled to Thailand to shoot a new ad. Andy Lau in January 17th on the outskirts of Thailand shot a scene riding scene, when hundreds of horses in the field, he rode the horse suddenly went out of control, Andy Lau will be thrown on the ground, Andy Lau was seriously injured on horses. Andy Lau was immediately taken to a local hospital for medical treatment and the advertising shoot was suspended immediately. As a result of serious injuries, lumbar spine injuries and mobility, and finally, Andy Lau took a medical plane returned to Hongkong, subject to further treatment. During the period of Jimmy Lin in the variety "we are seventeen years old in the northeast" recording, one task is to finish the task in 20 degrees below the ice on the lake, and Jimmy Lin in the challenge by accident when he slipped on the ice, the staff was raised when the pain clutching his ribs, then was rushed to the hospital. Jiang Jinfu was accidentally injured in the real man 2, and even traced to bone exposure, but only a simple bandage, immediately returned to the training ground, required to join the training. In March 2015, Baoqiang Wang was accidentally injured in a reality show "real man" in Luohe, leading to a fracture in his leg and was hospitalized for more than a month.   Li Chen recorded "run brothers" when it is reported that he was injured the brow, and the Admiralty of Lei just started, it was mighty Kim Jong Kuk to throw out, hit the spot to show his head broken and bleeding, rushed to the hospital, finally the brow position by several sewing needles. In 2015, Liu Tao accidentally injured in the hand "windmill" Hyun recording, online photo exposure, Liu Tao broke his right leg veins, pain facial distortion, can’t afford to sit. In 2015, Le Jia was injured in the CCTV reality show "great challenge", which led to the rupture of the right testicle and eventually had to be removed. On May 2012, Jiangsu TV host Meng Fei accidentally dropped the stage in Beijing when he was recording "you are the one". He was sent to the hospital for a preliminary diagnosis of a fracture in the left arm joint. The doctor put Meng Fei on the spot for plaster