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5 in 2vs5 1! The two brothers than iron 136 million bought 13+12 three 5 in 1 Deng today…… Sina sports news Beijing time on October 14th, the preseason continues, the Lakers in Las Vegas against the king, the final score of 104 to 116. This is not to lose most of the gas, the gas transfer two Lakers biggest offseason, a Mozgov a Lou Er Deng’s performance was disappointing, Mozgov today to get 4 points and 6 rebounds, 9 points and 6 rebounds deng. The free market just opened, the first signing of the Lakers announced the signing of $4 for $64 million Mozgov, was shocked a lot of people. Last season, Mozgov was almost abandoned the knight, averaging 17.5 minutes a game, with 6.3 points and 4.4 rebounds, the playoffs is only 1.2 points and 1.6 rebounds this dismal data, the Lakers signed a player with high really confusing. Deng in 4 years $72 million signed with the Lakers last season, Deng averaged 32.4 minutes with 12.3 points and 6 rebounds in the playoffs, averaging 13.3 points and 5.9 rebounds for the Lakers, law-abiding, such a contract is reasonable is a little high, now is not the time Deng bull Almighty Deng (peak field 19 points and 6.9 rebounds) this season, the Lakers played 5 games, Mozgov played, Deng played in 3 games. But through the game from them we did not see a trace of the highlights, Mozgov did not low in their strengths and show their abilities, most of his scores are teammate pass easily scored in the basket. Deng’s shooting ability is not fully played out, the performance is more sluggish, if you are not very serious to see you can hardly see his presence on the field any performance. Today two people continue to slump, teammates distance into the basket by what Deng almost no interference, then shot did not enter this state do not make people worried, and then scored 9 points to look good? We look at the shooting, in 4, the hit rate of 36%, the three pointer 5 in 1, the hit rate of 20%; mortz Goff continues to be weak, the audience voted 5 2, basket ball back to the opponent, but the top fixed came out, his hook, short. Interesting data is the first four games Mozgov played 73 minutes to get a total of 23 points and 18 rebounds, the Arab League to play for 26 minutes to get a score of 7 points and 10 rebounds, the efficiency of the comparison, the Arab League has a slight advantage. However, the annual salary comparison, Mozgov 16 million a year’s salary, the Arab League is still getting a non guaranteed contract, I do not know whether the Lakers management to see this is not hiding in the toilet crying. Mozgov is now 30 years old, Deng is currently 31 years old, this is both signed 4 year contract, is certain that 2 people have no what potential can be tapped, the Lakers were signing them is to give young players with experience, promote their growth, then there is a point of the combat power available. The performance of the current two people really hit the Lakers face ah. The Lakers this year’s signings does not make people satisfied, when)相关的主题文章: