3D onhook Mobile Games underground city runaway 24 hour automatic battle freelander2

3D onhook Mobile Games "underground city" runaway 24 hours automatic battle before the meeting to enjoy one’s Pan entertainment brand "IP ecological wisdom interest Halcrow officially announced, has obtained the 3D magic" underground city "runaway hang Mobile Games exclusive distribution rights, and will be held in late December in the first App Store. "Runaway" underground city flagship 24 hours round automatic battle, weakening the liberation of the operation game player’s hands, let the game player upgrade, picking up equipment directly enjoy the fun.   Q adorable magic world random map endless adventure Q adorable men with typical Western magic, is the "underground city" construction of runaway game world. The battle in the game, always give a person "I am very cute, but I will not stop fighting" feeling, even the skeleton, beast, stone giant, also changed the traditional hideous face, people can not help but to knead an impulse. While people gives the unique experience, every battle scenes will be randomly generated, with the appearance of the monster are not all the same, in this fantasy world of adventure, will definitely feel always full of surprises.   24 hours on the endless "underground city" runaway automatic battle battle completely automatic hook mode, game player without any operation, the hero will be 24 hours all day long endless battle, even if the line to eat and sleep, the hero will silently in the game. Moreover, in automatic combat, in addition to the hero can get the appropriate experience, the equipment will automatically pick up. The best is, "runaway" in the underground city of property and equipment are randomly generated, from the strange body burst God installed, absolutely not can complete the task.   diversified play can also hang hook into a sense of not fighting full of fun? Don’t worry, "runaway" underground city launched a talent, skill, and refining equipment to build, a copy of the team, talent, arena, dungeons, friends and so on rich gameplay, let the game player can fully enjoy the wonderful world of magic. In the face of strong opponents, to play their own wisdom and strategy, but there will be unexpected surprises. Moreover, in the experience of other play at the same time, the hero will not stop fighting, is not super hard?   24 hours a day of endless automatic combat, rich magic world adventure experience. 3D magic hook Mobile Games "runaway underground city" is about to hit, get your hands free, enjoy direct upgrade and drop God installed the snappy!相关的主题文章: