37 the sword of the archangel Hollywood movie iron Knight winsockfix

37 "big Angel Sword" marriage of Hollywood movie "iron Knight" before the superhero sci-fi movie "iron Knight" exposure of the disaster trailer and retro comic poster by Hollywood new small meat Benjamin. Winchell played Max a cool iron knight armor dress, the wind suddenly punches in the flames, like to draw a lightning, cool suction eye comic style for this movie not to release time, it has attracted the attention of major science fiction fans, but it is expected not only to this, according to understand, "iron Knight" will work with the 37 "big Angel Sword", and released in November 1st, the domestic game marriage of Hollywood movies will impact what kind of spark? Let us wait and see! The game combines the movie poster "the sword of the archangel" official website: the movie "Knight of steel" is a story about a 16 year old boy who becomes a superhero. And mother living together with a young Max he is unable to control the super power, until he met Steele, an alien robot with advanced technology to learn to use. At the same time, the two men became a knight of iron and steel, and Max also discovered his own identity, and thus led to a decisive battle. "Adventure", "iron Knight", "super hero" label, let the staff immediately touch sensitive game reminds me of the 37 "big Angel Sword", both in content and form, both have different approaches but equally satisfactory results all visible, promote the cooperation and the factors of non whim, but the implementation of to the concrete content, according to the common thought after the decision. Since the movie starring pan entertainment of this concept in the Internet today, IP has become the high quality online games to buy pets, from novels, TV series, and then to film, video and online games increasingly close cooperation, but for a long time, and the game partner is as domestic TV drama "Valkyrie" Zhao Zilong "Nirvana in Fire", this kind of hot IP, the 37 "big Angel Sword" and Hollywood film "iron Knight" cooperation, that interactive video tour is no longer confined to the domestic film. The 37 movie starring "big Angel Sword" first cross-border cooperation film "iron Knight", released in November 1st, high-tech sense of the superhero movie with Western magical theme online games, can not help but let the brain hole wide open, when viewing the mind in the game PK, and can feel the fight scenes in the movie stimulus experience the game. In the face of Webpage Game showed substantial growth in the domestic market, industry competition gradually intensified stage, when facing the saturation trend, the 37 game industry to create bold precedent, can be said to be opened up a new way to reclaim and propaganda, with the blue ocean industry has not yet thought of "". The film starred in addition, 37 "big Angel Sword" for the campaign to prepare a large number of rich rewards, as long as the attention of 37 "big Angel Sword" official website announcement, participate in activities that have the opportunity to receive the "iron Knight" movie tickets, a limited number of first come first served! Movie starring 37 "Archangel sword" is a Western magic theme ARPG web games. Ten.相关的主题文章: