24 players training 1 people injured Zhang Yuning before the November 9th report (video)-mia farrow

24 players training 1 people injured Zhang Yuning before the November 9th report [] in China for the first time watch belt training symbol dish personally put a relaxed Tencent in Kunming in November 3rd (the Zhao Yu sports) is the first training session, but is still relatively concentrated to the national football players. Before noon today, all the 24 players in the country arrived in Kunming. Currently playing for the Holland Club Vitesse Zhang Yuning will come to Kunming next week, is expected next Wednesday (November 9th) before the confluence with the team. Li Xuepeng had minor injuries according to the national team, the team and the coaching staff arrived a day earlier Haigeng bases, ready for training. The players to arrive in Haigeng before noon today, then in the afternoon training. Because this is the first time Lippi led training, so the players also did not neglect, all before noon arrived at the base, and appeared in four in the afternoon training. A total of 24 people participated in the afternoon training of the national team, in addition to some slight injuries Li Xuepeng jogging training, the other people basically do not have much problem, all participate in confrontation. In the next week or so, the team will maintain the 24 training team. At present, the national team, Zhang Yuning is the only one who comes from overseas, he was with the Holland team for the Eredivisie Vitesse, not the first time came to the team. For Zhang Yuning, the team is also in a timely manner to follow up. From the initial grasp of the situation, Zhang Yuning is expected in the next Wednesday (November 9th) before the arrival of the team, this is the first time he followed Lippi the world famous training together. As the most potential players at home, Zhang Yuning’s return is a good thing for Lippi, the team at least in the center position has a more ideal candidate. But he can enter the team in November 15th with Qatar team’s starting lineup, I am afraid to accept Lippi’s in-depth investigation.相关的主题文章: