2016 wisdom tourism innovation and development conference with you in October, Hangzhou – Sohu trave mentalist

2016 wisdom tourism innovation development conference October and you meet in Hangzhou – Sohu by China Tourism Tourism News and the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau, jointly organized by the Hangzhou sunspan Network Company Limited, China Tourism Publishing House in support of the "2016 wisdom tourism innovation development conference and the third training class will be held on October 13th -14 in Zhejiang Hangzhou Oriental Cultural Park too the lake is held at the Holiday Inn, for the national tourism administrative departments at all levels, the national intelligence tourism pilot city, the wisdom of tourism enterprises, management around the A-class tourist attractions and tourism group, the training activities, to provide professional guidance and learning opportunities for all wisdom tourism construction, planning design, information resource integration, industry model innovation, experience and innovation the case for the wisdom of tourism development. Since 2014, Congress has been in Beijing, Zhengzhou successfully held two sessions, invited senior research officer and other participants, lectures, professional teaching, to share, get around the tourism sector and professional organizations for their support and active participation, widely welcomed and praised by the industry, training a total of more than 600 people. The event has become a wide range of tourism industry, high visibility, authoritative and professional brand training activities. The bright scene, with the wisdom of tourism industry experts around the topic: the wisdom of tourism development of hot and difficult to carry out research, speech, let students feel the wisdom of tourism development situation, understanding the process of wisdom tourism construction and achievements, grasp the development trend. Wisdom tourism construction training: training in various forms, rich in content, will invite renowned experts and special lectures, industry representatives share the construction experience and practical case studies, experts and students interact online and offline, and provide theoretical guidance and practical materials. In addition to classroom teaching, but also to carry out the wisdom of tourism projects to observe the field study. There are products and projects to display the negotiations: the establishment of the exhibition area, the scene shows the wisdom of tourism enterprises and regions of the products and projects. Participants through the wisdom of tourism theme introduction, product display and demand to negotiate such as various forms of interaction and docking, set up the demand and solution of docking mechanism, let the demand side more widely and quickly understand new products excellent solutions and new technologies, and effectively help push over the wisdom of tourism construction. There is wisdom tourism innovation fruit and excellent collection of cases: according to the country reporting and selection committee, the meeting will be issued "2016 China wisdom tourism innovation development achievements and outstanding case compilation", for the participants to learn reference. Welcome to the relevant units and individuals to share the event!相关的主题文章: