2016 Hongkong outstanding industrialist award results announced gamelink

2016 "Hongkong industrialist Award" announced the results of – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in November 2, the Hongkong Federation of industries on the evening of 2 held in Hongkong Exhibition Center "2016 Hongkong Young Industrialist Award" and "outstanding industrialist award ceremony. Bourne optics (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., founder and President of the "outstanding industrialist Award", the 8 young industry elite won the Hongkong Young Industrialist award". Liang Zhenying, chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, attended the ceremony as a guest of honor. He said that the industry has been an important industry in Hongkong’s economy, directly or indirectly driven economic growth. Hongkong’s "re industrialization" can lead the Hongkong economy to take off again, to promote the further development of finance, logistics and professional services and other industries, the significance of the future of Hongkong. Liang Zhenying stressed that "re industrialization" requires a combination of the two. The first is "the combination of government, production, learning and research", which is combined with the support of government policy, industry productivity, education and scientific research, innovation to construct a complete caike ecosystem; second combination is a combination of Hongkong and the mainland, the power of innovation. Hongkong is "one country" and "two systems" will, can play "super contacts" advantage, on one hand the introduction of overseas talent, technology and capital, on the other hand, with the mainland great and rapid productivity, promote the re industrialization of Hongkong "". Liang Zhenying said, I hope the industry, especially young industrialists, continue to actively promote industrial innovation. As long as the combination of the above two, I believe that the industry must have a way out of Hongkong, Hongkong’s re industrialization must be able to promote the transformation and upgrading of Hongkong’s economy. Hongkong broad industry keen market sense, good management and technology at home and abroad, and the industry enthusiasm and vision, there must be. Hongkong Federation of industry, said the Commission unanimously decided to issue outstanding industrialist award to Yang Jianwen. His work, start from scratch, through continuous investment in research and development and purchase of machinery and equipment, led by Bourne from the manufacture of watches, glass lenses, high-tech fields into the mobile phone glass panel. Bourne is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of glass panels, the production of more than half of the global mobile phone glass panel, its customers are well-known international brands. In addition, he is convinced that creativity can lead the era of change, and vigorously support the development of new technologies in Hongkong. A total of 8 young industry elite to obtain "Hongkong Young Industrialist Award", respectively: Deji Technology Holdings Limited CEO Cai Qunli; Eddie (Overseas) Co. Ltd. chairman Feng Junrong; history of Weisha Group Limited chairman and director Lin Hong; Wei Group International Holdings Limited and co-founder and executive chairman Lin Ercong; crystal group knitting clothing Department Senior Vice President Luo Zhenghao; Cheng Hing Industrial Co., Ltd. CEO Xu Yonglin; Department of Jin International (Holdings) Limited company chief operating officer Huang Mizhi; and Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited executive director and vice president Yang Pei?. Hongkong Industry Association chairman Zheng Wencong said that this year’s "Hongkong Young Industrialist Award" and "outstanding industrialist Award" winner through design, patent, innovative products and solutions for customers, the success of expanding business and promotion)相关的主题文章: