2016 China Caoxian Taobao released the village of Shandong has a maximum of 108-aptana studio

Taobao released 2016 Chinese village in Shandong there are 108 most in Caoxian on 29-30 October 2016, the fourth session of the China Taobao village forum in Jiangsu held in Shuyang, Ali and Ali Institute of new rural research center jointly issued the "China Taobao Village Research Report (2016)". The report shows, this year’s Taobao village 1000 mark for the first time, by the end of August 2016, a total of 1311 Taobao village, more than 780 growth of 68% last year; the number of the top three were Zhejiang (506), Guangdong (262) and Jiangsu (201); Shandong ranked fourth, a total of 108 Taobao village. The town of Taobao rose to 135, an increase of more than 90% 71 last year; among them, Zhejiang (51), Guangdong (32), Jiangsu (17), Fujian (13) town of Taobao number among the nation’s top four, Shandong ranked fifth, a total of 12 Taobao town. Ali Institute defines "Taobao village" so that a large number of network operators gathered in a village, with Taobao as the main trading platform, Taobao business ecosystem based on the formation of scale and synergy of Internet business cluster. Standard Taobao village includes 3 principles: place of business in rural areas, to take administrative village as a unit; e-commerce sales reached 10 million yuan; the active online number reached more than 100, or the active shop number reached more than 10% of the local number of households. When a town, township or Street meets the criteria of the Taobao village administrative village is greater than or equal to 3, that is, "the town of Taobao". Monarch weekly statistics, in Shandong 108 Taobao village, 48 from Heze (61) Caoxian, 48 May 27 from the town. It is worth noting that in the rankings this year’s Taobao Town, large town 27 village in Taobao ranked second, only less than 3 Jiangdong Street town of Jinhua city in Zhejiang Province, "worthy of the name of Shandong Taobao first town". At the end of last year, the town has nearly 450 students and more than 5200 migrant workers returning home for business registration, shop more than 12 thousand, the 2015 sales of nearly 3 billion yuan. Binzhou City, there are 22 Taobao village, all to Binzhou, Boxing. Taobao ranked thirteenth in the town. Boxing County willow and hand woven cloth industry has a long history, in 2005, Boxing County, the first through the Taobao sales channels such as electricity suppliers of home products business people. In early 2015, Boxing online transactions amounted to 690 million yuan. The following is Ali Shandong released 108 Taobao Village (Shandong business weekly) print list相关的主题文章: