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20 years of history of Tongchuan road seafood market into 9 businesses diverted to Baoshan – bye, Tongchuan Road Seafood market! A Tongchuan road seafood market 20 years of history, today will be the official curtain call. On the last weekend before closure, because it is the crab sales season, in and out of the motorcycle, tricycle is still in a continuous line, businesses hope to stick to the last moment, and it says goodbye". The seafood market closed, 9 businesses will be diverted to Baoshan is located in Jiang Yang aquaculture market and Jiangyang fish market, the next largest fishery "aircraft carrier" has begun to take shape. Tongchuan road plots will be included in the overall planning, the future, the market will become part of the regional greening, and metro line 14 crossing. 8 into business operators to the last minute yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the Tongchuan road fisheries market. The main road market, shops on both sides of the door has pulled the green grid cloth, built a wall. However, within 2 meters of cement fence, the business is still in progress. "Is there some crabs and lobsters, come to see, it is very cheap." The shops along the street entrance, many stores still sell hard. The sea crabs owner Xing Chen told reporters that he has been rooted in Tongchuan road for nearly 20 years. More than 7 thousand days and nights, he was busy in this small shop, but also to meet a lot of guests. "Tomorrow officially closed, moving to Jiangyang market to give up a little. But it is really moving, wait until a new place to start fighting." He scratched his head and smiled. Next door to the seafood line has completed the final sweep. The sinus lady holding a child, sitting outside the store aisle, looking at the store freezer bare. She said that since May 26th this year, Tongchuan road aquatic market posted a "market closed" notice, she began to bid farewell to Tongchuan road. In these months, the family also looking for good, the contract is signed, the clearance is done, everything has been arranged, but I do not know why, still want to hold out until the last day. "The old neighborhood Laoke Laoke, wait for old customers." She said. As of October 29th, Tongchuan Road Seafood Market 2100 households registered businesses, partially completed move. October 31st 24 when the whole, Tongchuan road fisheries market will be fully closed. Was the generation of seafood place 5 yuan a turbot, 13 yuan a price has always been rare crabs, COD also fell to 45 yuan a pound…… Yesterday, many regular customers specially came to taohuo. For many people in Shanghai, Tongchuan road with their lingering feelings. Here, the bumpy mud and blowing the smell of the sea, is a kind of special memory. In fact, the price is not good, but still want to want to join." Who lives in Pudong, Ms. Chen bought a half kilogram of chilled salmon, spent 75 yuan. She said, in the past often and friends in Tongchuan Road near the hotel to buy seafood, processing, a sumptuous meal. "At that time, not much money, you can eat a sumptuous seafood dinner, we are very satisfied. Now, this opportunity is rare." Ms. Chen said. Some live in the vicinity of the District, specially come Amoy相关的主题文章: