1999 yuan! Millet 5 official release 3D ceramic body guards – Digital Camera + Sohu-diying

1999 yuan! Millet 5 official release: 3D ceramic body + – digital camera guards Sohu long-awaited, millet 5 is finally released, with more than ten black technology, appearance of technology innovation, very light, very fast. Millet 5 innovative use of microcrystalline zirconium nano 3D ceramic body, compared to glass material cost 75% expensive, up to 8 Mohs hardness, strong wear-resistant, 16 processes Seiko build, bring natural moisture. Millet 5 claims is by far the most beautiful millet mobile phone. Thanks to the addition of 3D ceramic body, millet 5 fuselage weight is very light, only 129 grams. In addition, the use of a very narrow frame design, while adding a positive fingerprint identification, screen ratio is very good, and the camera to do a full flat. In the camera configuration, millet 5 provides 16 million pixel main camera, 6 lens, F 2 aperture, for the first time to support 4 axis optical anti shake, support horizontal + vertical + forward + roll of a comprehensive correction jitter, more than iPhone 6S plus 2 axis anti shake more severe. In addition, the camera also uses SONY’s latest IMX298 sensor, using Qualcomm Spectra image processor, support DTI pixel isolation technology, increase light utilization, reduce interference, enhance noise control ability and photo purity. At the same time, PDAF phase focusing is supported. The front camera is 4 million pixels, a single pixel to 2 micron, 2 f more wide aperture, 80°. In support of the second generation 36 intelligent beauty, self real beauty, real beauty video calls, countdown timer, face recognition function. Other configurations, including 5.15 inch power saving bright screen (600nit high brightness), 1920×1080 resolution, 428 PPI, equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, 3GB, 4GB LPDDR4 memory, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB UFS2.0 fuselage storage. Features include, positive fingerprint, Volte, 4G+ network, infrared remote control, full Netcom 3, full function NFC (hardware support binding bank card; recharge bus card), fast charge 3 (charging 5 minutes, 2.5 hours of call) and so on. At the same time, millet 5 built-in MIUI 7 also supports a key switch without network only 3 steps, mail list, application settings, etc. all moved to the new mobile phone; mobile phone anti lost: remote lock and erase data, brush useless; beauty video phone: real beauty, window, group chat and other play. The price of the final sum up: the Standard Edition (3GB+32GB, 820 1.8GHz snapdragon) 1999 yuan, 3D glass body, Adreno 530 GPU frequency is 510MHz; the high Version (3GB+64GB, 820 2.15GHz snapdragon) 2299 yuan, 3D glass body, GPU clocked at 624MHz; exclusive Edition (4GB+128GB, 820 2.15GHz snapdragon) 2699 yuan 3D, ceramic body,

1999元!小米5正式发布:3D陶瓷机身+相机逆天-搜狐数码  万众期待中,小米5终于正式发布了,搭载十余项黑科技,外观工艺全面革新,很轻、很快。   小米5创新的采用了微晶锆纳米3D陶瓷机身,相比玻璃材质成本贵75%,高达8莫氏硬度,坚固耐磨,16道工序精工打造,带来天然温润。小米5号称是迄今为止,最美的小米手机。   得益于3D陶瓷机身的加入,小米5的机身重量非常轻,只有129克。此外,采用了极窄边框设计,同时加入了正面指纹识别,屏占比十分出色,而且把相机做到了全平。   在相机配置上,小米5提供了1600万像素主摄像头,6片式镜头,f 2.0光圈,首次支持4轴光学防抖,支持横向+纵向+前倾+侧倾的全方位修正抖动,比iPhone 6s plus的2轴防抖更厉害。   此外,这颗摄像头还使用了索尼最新的IMX298传感器,采用高通Spectra影像处理器,支持DTI像素隔离技术,增加光线利用率降低干扰,提升控噪能力和照片纯净度。同时,支持PDAF相位对焦。   前置摄像头为400万像素,单个像素大至2微米,ƒ 2.0 光圈,80°大广角。支持第二代36级智能美颜,自拍实时美颜,视频通话实时美颜,倒计时自拍,面部识别功能 。   其它配置方面,包括5.15寸省电高亮屏幕(600nit 高亮度),1920×1080 分辨率,428 PPI,搭载骁龙820处理器,3GB、4GB LPDDR4内存,32GB、64GB、128GB UFS2.0机身存储。   特色功能还包括,正面指纹、Volte、4G+网络、红外遥控、全网通3.0、全功能NFC(硬件支持绑定银行卡;充值公交卡)、快充3.0(充电5分钟,通话2.5小时)等等。   与此同时,小米5内置的MIUI 7还支持一键换机:无需网络仅需3步,通讯录、设置、应用等全部移至新手机;防丢失:远程锁定手机、擦除数据,刷机也没用;美颜视频电话:实时美颜、小窗、群聊等多种玩法。   价格最后总结一下:   标准版(3GB+32GB,1.8GHz骁龙820)1999元,3D玻璃机身,Adreno 530 GPU主频是510MHz;   高配版(3GB+64GB,2.15GHz骁龙820)2299元,3D玻璃机身,GPU主频为624MHz;   尊享版(4GB+128GB,2.15GHz骁龙820)2699元,3D陶瓷机身,GPU主频为624MH。   小米网,小米之家3月1日现货发售。                     相关的主题文章: