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"13th Five-Year" to resettle planning: move the poor nest for the poor sector pull the roots of poverty Beijing – "13th Five-Year" to resettle planning accurate drip, millions of people will benefit for the poor and poor nest industry pull the roots of poverty (policy interpretation) recently approved by the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission issued "implementation the" 13th Five-Year "to resettle plan", targeting "side of the water is not a" area of about 10 million participatory poverty, the poverty problem of the poor is after many rounds of support are not bite down hard, the 10 million people out of poverty, poverty is the current round of battle in the most important task, the most difficult, the most crucial battle. "Planning" to take extraordinary support, with the precision of precise poverty relocation throughout, promote all kinds of resources to the participatory poverty population accurate drip, the paper tries to solve the poverty problem of stability. How to move — centralized resettlement, with good infrastructure and public service facilities of the "planning" clear, from the region is mainly in poor rural areas harsh natural conditions and harsh living conditions, serious lack of development conditions, involving 22 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) about 1400 counties, the alleviation of poverty alleviation and development of participatory to verify the information system of the State Council, the implementation of the rural poor population need filing riser relocation of about 9 million 810 thousand people. From the perspective of regional distribution in 12 provinces of the relocation of population of about 6 million 640 thousand people in the western region, accounting for the total size of 67.7% of the population relocation filing riser; 6, about 2 million 960 thousand people, accounting for 30.2% of the central region; Hebei, Jilin, Shandong, Fujian 4, about 210 thousand people in eastern region, accounting for the total scale of participatory relocation of population 2.1%. These poor people to move to where? "Planning" proposed to take centralized resettlement, centralized resettlement and decentralized placement of a combination of ways. Development and Reform Commission, the relevant person in charge of the resettlement housing construction should strictly implement the control standard of participatory relocation households per capita housing construction area of not more than 25 square meters, to ensure that the object is not due to relocation of participatory housing and debt. "Planning" also made clear the supporting infrastructure and public service facilities, land remediation and emigration area ecological construction, including the construction of resettlement area within 114 thousand kilometers of road, water supply pipe network 141 thousand kilometers, 115 thousand kilometers, the distribution network of schools and kindergartens 16 million 120 thousand square meters, 5 million 730 thousand square meters of health room etc.. NDRC official said, for how to move, the main task is to take control of the central departments of the two, that is a clear policy support and construction standards, a strengthening project construction and poverty reduction effect of supervision and assessment; at the same time, opening in the middle, to encourage the country in the planning and implementation, combined with the development level of regional water resources the economic conditions, the actual situation, take appropriate relocation, the relocation schedule reasonable. Qian Nalai — the five largest source of security funds, innovation system credit system also "financing mode according to the local construction engineering cost, the total size of the average data estimates, the implementation of nearly 10 million poor people to be relocated to investment of about 600 billion yuan, together with the relocation of population Hui相关的主题文章: