13 Zhuzhou sister went to Jiuquan blind date of the success of the two girls &quot hand ” christie stevens

13 Zhuzhou girl went to Jiuquan dating two girls " hand " original title: 13 Zhuzhou girl in Jiuquan dating two girls " hand " November 20th, Hunan military activities officially started, our province’s list of 60 young women who went to the Jiuquan satellite launch center, the city has 13 girls to participate in activities. In November 23rd, the 3 day event officially ended, everyone back from Jiuquan. The trip to Jiuquan is happy? What are the girls experience, what harvest? In the afternoon, the reporter interviewed them. [Zhuzhou] for more than and 50 enrolled are bachelor degree or above, the staff Zhuzhou Municipal Women’s Federation, the news by the media after the release, Zhuzhou girls enthusiasm is very high, in the enrollment of more than and 50 people, "we consider the age, education, work unit and the county (city) district personnel registration factors the distribution, an initial list of 27 people, after careful to determine the final candidates." Our city to participate in the activities of the girl, the oldest 30 years old, the youngest of the age of 21, including civil servants, teachers, college students, etc., are basically party members, education is more than undergraduate. The girl can not be selected not to lose heart, this is the first time, will be held in the future. "The registration is really very hot, we are in the age level, to 28 years old girls made a little tilt, after all the more urgent demand, ershiersan year old girl next year can also continue to sign up." Staff of the Municipal Women’s Federation said. [unforgettable] 2800 kilometers across the first time it moved to Zhuzhou in November 20th, the girls will set out at 6:30 in the morning to find a large force Changsha". Zhuzhou is more than 2 thousand and 800 km away from Xining, the girls are going through Zhuzhou – Changsha – Xining – Jiuquan – satellite launch center. 8:40, boarding, to turn off the plane in Xining high iron, over mountains, through Gobi, across the meadow and plots of poplar, saw countless cattle and sheep, most girls or the first taste of the northwest scenery, although the broad sky was fatigued by a long journey, but also the desert style is to let them feel very comfortable. It is very surprising that the high-speed rail, the army has been waiting for the bus outside, the car opened the air conditioning, they are also ready to coat. Base officers and soldiers to help us with our luggage, handed over the water side of the clothes, asked not cold cold hungry like." Zhuzhou girl dream (a pseudonym) said, 21, 1 in the morning, they arrived at the destination, the hotel room was clean and comfortable, early opening of the heating, although the way is very hard, but the heart is still warm, the thought of binggege are serious in speech and manner and even a little puzzled amorous feelings, and did not expect so carefully. [] that would do a lifetime with friends and I? In November 21st, Jiuquan began to snow, we visited the base of history exhibition hall morning, also visited the barracks. The barracks, a young man said with a smile, fold the quilt, wash clothes are my strengths, married after all". Explosion proof training ground base soldiers show "Predator" side, the heavy snow, the boys figure bouncing, burst into warm applause and cheers, a girl excited)相关的主题文章: