13 real estate transaction number cattle was arrested-clonecd

13 real estate transactions fell, "cattle" caught the reporter learned yesterday, the 13 criminals in Chaoyang District because of the real estate registration center for queuing "occupied" and "down", to obtain illegal benefits, disrupting the scene made by the police control order. These people are known as "insiders" and can use "hacker attacks", and then was exposed by queuing "occupation", "inverted"". Due to the rapid development of the real estate industry, the Chaoyang District housing registration hall business volume increased year by year, nearly 3 years, Chaoyang District’s average annual housing registration amount of 248 thousand, accounted for more than the city’s housing registration amount of 1/3 criminals took the opportunity to trade". In order to crack down on illegal acts, Chaoyang District real estate registration service center to upgrade the site to take the number system, the full implementation of the real name system and related business information. According to the regulations, the applicant must hold the mainland resident identity cards, through the window made of the ID card reader into the identity information and entered the real estate business to take a number of management information. But there are still some people who lined up a "placeholder" and "down", to obtain illegal benefits, such as out of order to disrupt the scene. In order to avoid the general public fooled, Chaoyang District real estate registration center combing the four criminals commonly used fraudulent means to remind the public to pay attention to prevention. Method: to deliberately create a tense atmosphere of illegal use of information asymmetry, deliberately create a tense atmosphere, claimed that the appointment difficult, not professionals can take a number, they must be entrusted to handle, to collect fees. Means two: normal appointment has been lied to illegal use of online booking system to not repeat booking features, in obtaining information of the applicant, make an appointment in advance, but does not inform the applicant. At the same time that the appointment requires special technical means, to make an appointment before the date of the appointment date, the use of the applicant’s psychological response to improve the bargaining chip, fraud applicants, charged high fees. Means three: appointment system to the applicant provides false false website deceive applicants, only legal holidays showed the expiration of the other dates are not available. Means four: Site Title Pseudo insufficient criminals that every business, limited release, queuing to get service back, take a number can not handle, took the opportunity to collect fees to take a number of applicants. In fact the hall except Wednesday afternoon without foreign office, the rest of the day the scene made time for 9 points to 12 points, 4 points to 1:30 in the afternoon. The number is not limited to the number.相关的主题文章: