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11 year old boy 7 years old girl strangled after school as usual recently, an online search news, September 15th, Hunan, Changde 7 year old girl Beibei (a pseudonym) Mid Autumn Festival in a meadow near the community lost wild mulberry field. The local police yesterday informed the investigation, the suspect Moumou altercation with baby bear in the process of playing, and physical altercations, will strangle babe. 7 year old girl missing Bei Bei’s mother in the Mid Autumn Festival, said Ms. tube, in September 15th, just the first grade of the holiday at home, and grandparents together in. On the morning of 10, with the community 11 year old boy Xiong Xiaojie (a pseudonym) to the home to find babe play, two people watch TV together. Half an hour later, the two went out together. "Before, Xiong Xiaojie from the future over our home," ms.. Ms. Guan said that more than 4 points in the afternoon, Audrey grandma meal, to find the bear family babe, Xiong Xiaojie said at the time is not far from his home, he went to separate babe and other children to play, he went back home. The bear family also said that after he came home, he was doing his homework and eating. Grandma to Beibei usually to go looking for it again, did not find. Neighbors and relatives also help find babe, until that evening seven or eight o’clock. After the baby family to Changde city Wuling District of Lushan police station. That night, Changde micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends are beginning to forward messages lost babe. The police investigation in the surrounding, and sent police dogs, uav. Play to annoy the boy strangled 23 days, Changde city Wuling District Public Security Bureau informed that on the morning of 11 pm, Bei Bei’s body was found in the mulberry field community somewhere in the afternoon, the public security organs to find and control the suspect Moumou bear. Ms. Guan said that the baby is a very honest child, usually are playing not fight back. 23, baby when the body was found highly perishable, no pants, black hands and feet. The police said the results of the autopsy, no sexual behavior, is pinched neck suffocation. The family questioned about babe and black, brown, police said. Ms. Guan quoted police as saying that on the same day, babe at Xiong Xiaojie’s home watching TV, playing, playing two babe bear Gon Freecss, enraged after Xiong Xiaojie turned to babe strangled in the sofa, and then drag on the third floor, thrown into the neighbor’s two floor balcony. "We don’t think it would be possible for a 11 year old to do this," ms.. Tube is introduced, in this period of time baby disappearance, Xiong Xiaojie is quite calm, as usual to go to school, go out to play. The family also questioned why police tube lady sent drones, but did not find the baby’s body. Ms. tube to the public security organs to be taken at the time of the UAV to shoot the picture, but was rejected as no video. The police have denied others in September 23rd, Wuling police issued a bulletin, micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends began to spread a saying: the babe was a 11 year old boy killed two children, is the cause of fighting, the boy babe strangled, boy’s grandparents helped to open fire, and. A police investigators told reporters that the murderer is indeed a 11 year old man.相关的主题文章: