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Advertising Font, Image And Resolution In Color 1000 brochures printing 8.5 x 11 is still one of the most crucial advertising necessitates that a business has to address. Peoples expectations of a business product or service are strongly influenced by how well they receive a brochure. Making a good brochure will go a long way in building a good image and reputation for any real business. When people try to make brochures they want to make sure that it looks great. An appealing brochure can entice a potential customer into reading it without solicitation. In order to make a good looking brochure of fine quality its important to know the several significant elements. The three main elements to making a good brochure are font, image and resolution. Below are a few helpful hints that can aid in making a nice looking brochure. Use the right kind of font A lot of people make the simple mistake of thinking that a font should just be big enough to see. Yes, the size of the font is important, but there is so much more to it than that. The type of font used in a brochure is vital in making it easy to read. The value of information is directly related to how easy it is to digest. It doesnt matter if the brochures information is accurate if no one can understand what it means. However, writing good content is only half the battle. Reading requires the use of higher cognitive functions. Prolonged reading can be very tiring which is why its necessary to make the fonts easy to read. There are essentially two types of fonts to choose from, sarif and sans sarif. A sarif is that minor extra detail added at the end of a letters stroke. Sarifs make it easier to distinguish one letter from another. Sans sarif fonts are typefaces that do not possess a sarif. Sans sarif typefaces are often cleaner and easier to look at. Deciding on which of these two types of fonts to use depends on what a person wants in their brochures. Use the right kind and amount of images A picture is worth a thousand words. A brochure only has so much space to squeeze in text and images. The people who make the brochure must be certain that the images they use can stimulate the thoughts of the person reading it. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that the images used in the brochure .pliment the written content. Find the right amount of images. A brochure with too much images wont be a good read. Conversely, a brochure without images wont be as .pelling as a brochure with images. Use a good resolution for the image The sharpness and colors of an image are influenced by its resolution, which is measured in dpi. The term dpi stands for Dots Per Inch, and is used to refer to the amount of dots that make up the entire .position. A higher dpi means that the image will be sharper once its printed on a surface. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: