10 heavy pollution haze city scale coal burning of straw is a new culprit in the Northeast – net 97179

10 heavy pollution haze city scale coal burning of straw is a new network –   northeast culprit; recently, subject to a wide range of static stability, heavy fog weather, Northeast China, East China, many places have appeared heavy pollution weather. Especially in the northeast, 2, -6, the region’s 10 cities have burst table, Harbin, Anshan and other PM2.5 hours of concentration breaking thousands". In order to find out the source of countermeasures, environmental protection department held a meeting yesterday. Consultation pointed out that heavy pollution in the northeast of the city, 6 provinces affected more than and 30, "the most polluted scope and influence over the years less". Harbin PM2.5 burst table 14 hours Chinese director of environmental monitoring station air chamber researcher Gong Zhengyu said that from November 2nd to 6, the heavy pollution process a wide range of Northeast China, North China and East china. There have been 10 northeast city of AQI reached the highest value of 500, the Heilongjiang Harbin City, Suihua city and Daqing city in 3 cities scale duration was 14 hours, 23 hours and 24 hours (the highest AQI value was 500, exceeding this value is called the "burst table"). The most serious pollution in Harbin. November 4th PM2.5 day average and hourly value of 704 micrograms per cubic meter and a total of 1281 micrograms cubic meters, PM2.5 hours in Daqing also more than 1000 micrograms cubic meters. 5, to further expand the scope of pollution in Northeast China, Harbin City, Jilin City, Dalian City, 7 hours of AQI city is heavily polluted, Changchun City, Anshan City, Yingkou City, Liaoyang city in 13 cities for the serious pollution AQI hours. Among them, Changchun, Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, Liaoyang and hours to reach the highest value of 500, PM2.5 hours of value of more than 1000 micrograms cubic meters (AQI). The night of 5 to 6 in the morning, affected by pollution transport in Northeast China, Shandong city of Yantai Province, Weifang City, Qingdao City, Rizhao City, Zaozhuang City, Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou City, Suqian City, Anhui Province, Huaibei city and Bozhou city have severe pollution. Daqing burst table but did not start the whole day red warning from November 2nd onwards, the Ministry of environmental protection has sent 12 inspection teams rushed to the heavily polluted city. Site inspection found that there are still some problems in the process of dealing with the problem. There is a lack of the ability to forecast heavy pollution weather, low response level." Ministry of environmental protection department official said, such as serious pollution continued for 26 hours in Harbin, burst table lasted for about 14 hours, but in accordance with the warning level of the standard of Harbin, only started a blue warning. Daqing actual serious and serious pollution continued for 37 hours, which burst table continued for 24 hours, should start the red warning, but only one day forecast heavy pollution in Daqing, the actual launch of the orange warning. Inner Mongolia City, Tongliao, nearly 2 days sustained burst table, under the supervision of the Ministry of environmental protection and the environmental protection department, only to start the blue warning. And, even if the start of the warning, some cities heavy pollution weather emergency plan is not perfect." Ring.相关的主题文章: